Saturday, June 30, 2007

Funny Bone

The best thing about being a parent of a two year old is the unexpected conversations that you have. There are things that my son says that just tickle me!

Last night we went to get Bronwyn's medicine and we had to wait so we walked down further to the Dairy Queen to get a cone. As we got close we noticed a couple sitting outside with a large greyhound. Gavin exclaimed - Mommy, look a camel!

This morning as I was surveying the unholy mess the kids have made in the living room. I said to Gavin it was a real mess. He said - Gavin make mess (quite proudly I might add). Then I asked if he would help me clean it up since he made the mess. - Nope!

Bronwyn is also making us laugh these days - it is harder to describe as she isn't talking - but she can be such a goofy little monkey.

For me a couple goofy kids is the best medicine any day!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bleak House

Well, we knew it would happen but you are never really quite prepared. Grandma and Pop have abandoned us. They have gone to Saskatchewan for a week. Gavin is having a rather bleak weak as a result. I have been planning as many visiting opportunities as I can so he wont be too desperate.

We drove out to Mom and Dad's today to water their flowers. The whole way there I was telling him that Grandma and Pops won't be home - we are going to water the flowers - they are in Saskatchewan. He kept agreeing. When we got there he wandered around for a while then he said - Where Pops, Where Grandma??

Last Sunday we were at Mom and Dad's with the Watts family. The kids had a blast! As the pictures prove.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I wanted to give a quick update on our little heart buddy Quinn. He was relisted for a heart but that is now on hold. The biggest challenges have been getting him to adjust to food and getting him to gain some weight along with daily physio. I know Kim and Ben have their hands full and yet their reports are filled with wonderful stories about both Hannah and Quinn and the cute things they do. Quinn is, like Bronwyn, a wonderfully happy baby. I think Kim and I have both been blessed in this regard - I heard several times at the hospital that the heart babies tend to be cranky and miserable. Well - not our kiddos!

The other bit of news is about Steve and Shannon's nephew Braden Mole. He is an amazing teen who has been a patient at the Stollery off and on for years. He decided several years ago that he wanted to help even if it was in a small way. Well that small way seems to have caught fire and he does an annual fundraiser that this year pulled in over $150,000. Braden is also the spokesperson for the Stollery hospital for 2007. He is a great example of what can go right with our kids.

Check out these websites for more info - Stollery Hospital and Moles Miracles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prenatal Classes

We were at a barbecue on Saturday night with some of the couples that we met when we took prenatal classes before having Gavin. It is really nice to get together with these families as our kids are all so close in age. Most of them were born within days of each other. Not all the couples that have stayed in touch were able to come, but it was just wonderful to see everyone.

There are several additional children that have been added to the mix too.

We had a lovely time and the rain stopped long enough for a nice outdoor event. Speaking of rain today was the first day in a long time that it didn't rain - whoooo hooo.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Things I find cute

Just for fun - here are a couple of little things the kids are doing that we find fun.

Gavin says:

I want to bisit her - which means he wants to climb in Bronwyn's crib while she is in there.
Baby noses - he has a little baby Moses puzzle.
Daddy's in the classroom - the classroom is also known as the office.
He calls his first children's bible - the bible so (like the song - Jesus loves me)

Bronwyn crawls with one foot pushing - like Kellen Muirhead used to do. She also has started recognizing when we laugh at something she does and she seems to enjoy that. OH NO - two little performers. She is getting fussy about what she will and wont eat - well like mother like daughter!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The flu

Yet another member of the family has fallen ill. Our drier has decided to pack it in. Wes and Dad were trying to figure out how to fix it last night. I had a load of little tiny pink girl things in the wash. As a result we turned our living room into a close line. They still aren't quite dry. Gavin thinks it is GREAT!

Well why shouldn't the drier get sick - it probably did as much work this weekend as I did.

On the family front the kids and Wes are on the mend and I finally got a good nights sleep.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The kids are both asleep! They were both asleep earlier and so I did yet another load of laundry and a couple other chores and tried to get a bit of a nap. I only dozed for about 1o minutes when the little lady started to yowl. She is now sleeping again though.

We are having weird weather today. By times it is dark with very scary looking clouds and next it is sunny. Right now it is windy!

The biggest event in my son's young life lately has been Pop's new truck. He is so enamoured with it. He talks about it all the time. The other day when he saw a baby on a commercial he said to me, "I'd like a baby." I replied, "You want us to get a new baby for you and Bronwyn to play with?" He responded, "Yeah," then thought for a while, "Truck, a new truck, like Pop's." So thanks very much Dad.
By the way did you know that the driver's seat in Dad's new Nissan can recline completely flat. My two year old figured that one out. Why would it be able to do that?

Monday, June 11, 2007

We made it

It is Monday evening and as of this moment all of the Davis family are feeling better. Gavin is not eating well yet but has his energy back. Bronwyn is back to her charming little self. Wes is also improved after a lot of sleep today. The one exception is Mommy - I am dog tired! I never want to do another load of laundry again!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Food goes away

I had, for the first time in a long time, planned to do something for myself today. I had signed up to take a course. It wasn't all day, but a chunk of the day. I was quite excited by the prospect of doing something that I am interested in - just me no one else.

But alas, Bronwyn started throwing up last night and had not stopped by this morning - so I had to call and cancel. Of course it was the only choice I could make but I was actually disappointed. That may sound selfish but I sort of felt that fate was conspiring against me. I had made plans to be away, organized Bronwyn's food, put Mom and Dad on stand by to help Wes if needed - everything was looked after. I was going to be wild and crazy and go out on my own. My one and only chance was smashed by a wee sick little girly. Trust me the emotions of worry for her and wanting to help her were far stronger than the pang of self pity!

We hadn't had a very good night and Bronwyn was a bit better through the day but still throwing up. Finally this evening she seemed to be finally better. My biggest relief is that she kept her medicine down. We were just breathing a bit sigh of relief when Gavin cried out from his room and he had thrown up in his bed.

I was holding him after he threw up the second time and was saying how nasty it is to be sick. He explained to me that "the food goes away." Well it indeed does that - doesn't it?

So we are for now tired and likely to be worse tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hospital visit

Bronwyn and I were at the hospital this morning. She is taking part in a study - a study that follows the development and growth of babies who have had intense and invasive therapies. The upside for us is that they are checking her hearing, motor skills and general health for a couple years.

Today she saw the hearing specialist, a physiotherapist and a pediatrician. All reports were great. She is right on target and is so far not showing any delays in development. This was really reassuring news. I suspected that she was doing good but you never know if this is just a mommy's perspective or if she really is doing the things she should.

It was a long appointment but I think it was worthwhile. Bronwyn has been in 3 or 4 studies up to this point. We are just so thankful for all the babies who have gone before Bronwyn and whose parents agreed to try risky and experimental surgeries. Without those children there wouldn't be a treatment for HLHS and Bronwyn wouldn't be here to participate in more studies. We are thrilled to participate in anything that will give them more information for the children that follow Bronwyn.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sleepy girl

The other night I had to go out for a meeting and I was taking Bronwyn with me. She hadn't had a nap yet and she was really tired while eating her dinner. So I asked Wes to get her coat on so I could put her in the car seat before she fell asleep.

We didn't make it!