Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tooth report

I forgot to add in the last entry that Mari finally has some teeth. The two bottom front teeth poked through mid last week. On Saturday one of the top teeth surfaced. The top tooth has been visible under the gum for a long time but it took forever to break through.

You know she has had hardly any teething symptoms. She doesn't drool, her cheeks aren't rosy, she hasn't had the bum rashes that Gavin got, nor has she had many cranky spells. Its pretty weird how teething affects one baby (Gavin in particular) so hard and another baby hardly at all.

Lazy weekend

We have had a pretty lazy weekend so far. We've tackled a few projects in the yard. Did a bit of laundry. Chased kids. You know the usual fare.

I have become the plant waterer. My folks are away so we went out to their place and I watered their plants. Our neighbors are away so I have watered their plants. I also watered my own. You see - I'm the plant waterer.

The first rule of watering plants - never give Gavin the hose! Dangerous business that.

I think it just maybe time to bring out the water guns from storage.
Once again, this seems to happen every summer, we are the only people still in Calgary. At this time every year all our friends and family ditch town and go to various destinations. Which leaves us here by ourselves, wondering where everybody went. Actually that is not entirely true. We had lunch with Rick and Val today after church which was very fun.

Best run get the kiddies a snack. Maybe a freezie - hmmm lets see. Enjoy your lovely, lazy summer days.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy times

Summer is here - officially. I haven't been keeping track of all our activities. Spruce Meadows with good buddies, bike riding with Max, bacon and eggs with Daddy, gardening with Mom, Dinosaur Museum with Pop's and Grandma, Sunday's with Robbie & Carissa... the list goes on and on.

Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A head injury waiting to happen

That is our Mari! She is pulling herself up to everything, getting on her feet - her tiptoes actually. She pulls herself up to the end table and then wobbles wildly as she releases her grip to try and grab whatever she can get her hands on. Today we had several pretty serious tumbles.

Bronwyn is sick tonight - not sure why or whats wrong - just keeping an eye on her.

Earlier Gavin was upset that I wouldn't let him do something. So he said to me, "If you don't let me do this I will... I will pull down my pants."

That is now our favourite threat! I told Wes on his way home that he better be here before dinner or I'd pull my pants down. Is that too much of a visual for most of you? Well it should be.

I pulled out an old exercise tape this morning. I am so in need of some exercise and I get so little. I was watching these willowy young things do these series of stretches to peaceful music. I looked around me and realized how opposite to this in every way was my situation. I am not willowy - more baobaby (OK I know that is not a word). I am not in any kind of shape these days. Nor is my surrounding peaceful. I had the older kids jumping around me trying to also do the exercises, while Mari was screaming and screaming trying to get to me. Once she got to me she cried and cried once I put her down.

Well at least I tried eh?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little monkey

We can't leave Mari alone for a minute these days but that she's pulling herself up on something. We caught her hung up on the little riding plane. She was actually standing at one of the other toys, and when she fell (as I was running to catch her) she didn't bash her head because she hung on to the toy with one hand. She was hanging like that still as I scooped her up.
She has also been working at getting up the stairs. Yoicks! She is only 8 months old and actually doesn't officially crawl yet. Although you wouldn't know it as she creeps so fast.
We are in the "just keep them alive" phase of life again. I must confess I'll be happy when she's out of it (for safety reasons).
Do you know that the spell check on blogger thinks yoicks is a spelling error - really, what is this world coming too.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My curtains

Here are the curtains. I am not terribly happy with them. They aren't exactly as I had imagined - mostly because I made a pretty stupid error when I was deciding how much fabric to buy. But they are up and I'm not redoing them.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Jared, Josh, Kennedy...

Hey guys. Tell me that this doesn't look like your dad when he's grumpy.

A new week

So here we are - Monday. A new week has started. Wes is back at work, our usual weekend chaos is over and we are having a pajama day. The kids, who normally start the day with "Where are we going today Mom?", today asked, "Can we stay in our pajamas today?"

We are having a basement pajama party. Wes set up an old TV of ours and the VHS recorder. So we are watching old movies and hanging in our pajamas. These are the days that I always pray a parcel doesn't arrive or the gas man doesn't come.

We had a super nice, if cold and snowy, weekend. Well, once we got over Mommy's very grouchy spell on Saturday morning. Wes took Gavin and Mari out for to the library while I slept with Bronwyn. I was a much nicer Roberta after that. The only real casualty seems to be my begonias - I forgot to cover them. Oh well.

Hope, Darcy and kids came on Saturday night for a much overdue and enjoyed visit. Yeah for good friends!

I made curtains for our basement window on Sunday. I don't sew much so it was a bit of a trial. To my credit most of the really bad language swirling around in my head didn't come out of my mouth. A bit of a triumph that!

I just have to put some loops on the back and we can hang it up. I'll get pictures when I am done. So you can all see my masterpiece (s). Next time I decide to make curtains, someone remind me of how frustrating it is.

Bronwyn is wearing her underwear this morning. So I am waiting for her to say - "Mommy ma poop." Which means that she has already peed in her pants. Its just a matter of time.
For those of you who are keeping track - no we haven't heard from Edmonton yet.

Mari is pulling herself up on things and trying to stand. She is nuts!! She has a high pitch scream - the kids say she sounds like a baby pterodactyl.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


We have been gardening. I have a very little patch that I have been working on for some time now. It is coming along nicely. Its mostly perennials, but I have a 8 x 6 section or so (my 1/4 section) that I have dedicated to veggies. The tomatoes are in. We will plant the beans tomorrow. The kids love to dig and play in the garden. Bronwyn walks on everything whether a plant, a weed, or a rock! There are a few I am not sure will make it after a run in with her.

We need more dirt for the last section of that flower bed and then I'll turn my attention to a new area. I'll likely add a bit next year too. I just like to see how things do, how they winter and if they are successful before I get carried away.

There is never an end to the potential work we can do. It is just very very nice to get something looking like it is close to being complete.