Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strangely introspective

I'm feeling a bit inward today. Mainly because I'm super sick again. I'm frankly just tired of this. I told a good friend the other day that I feel like three years of pent up stress is just coming out of me. Why it has to come out as snot is beyond me!

But the odd thing is I wouldn't have described myself as being particularly stressed over the last few years. Yes, there have been stressful moments but I don't think I function on a level of high stress all the time. So either this theory is wrong or I suck at introspection.

I think the second is likely true. I hate to think that I might not be a "deep" person, but really there is a very good chance that I am not an inwardly deep person. I think the main thing that matters is not how a person feels but what they do. That is my philosophy. So if I can control my actions I can control my feelings - right? I dunno! All I know is that I'm sick and it sucks!

No one else is sick, just me.

I am hoping though that 2010 is a great year for the Davis family. Every even year for the last six years we've had another child. Gavin 2004, Bronwyn 2006, Mari 2008. Don't expect this to reoccur for 2010.

Our plans for 2010 are pretty simple. We hope to stay healthy, to learn and grow as a family and to experience new adventures. Nothing earth shattering. Just being a family and living life day by day. I know it is good to have a plan but to be honest all we can really live is one moment at a time. That is our aim.

I do have some plans but they are simple. I'd like a new bike so as the kids get better at biking I can keep up with them. I may need to practice a bit otherwise I'll get left behind.

I'd love to get my storage room cleaned out and sorted.

I'd like to loose a few pounds, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to change my diet or my lifestyle - so that could be hard.

But for the most part we just hope to keep on as we already are. Hanging on to what happiness life brings and dealing with the struggles that also come our way.

May God bless your homes richly in the New Year.

Monday, December 28, 2009


We have been enjoying a very fun Christmas. The kids were just so cute Christmas morning. For my part it has been just jam packed with all sorts of fun. And by fun I mean, organizing, cleaning, picking up paper, doing dishes etc. Such a break from my normal routine. I should likely do a smiley face here so you all know I am joking (sort of).

Visiting and more visiting. Christmas morning the kids were excited but the real excitement came on Boxing day morning. We stayed over at Mom and Dad's Christmas night. The kids woke up very early and had to be confined in the basement. They were so excited too... wake up Grandpa! Yup. They were more excited by that than presents.

We came home Boxing day and had Brad and his girl friend Marcya (I think that is how it is spelled) that evening. We had a wonderful visit. We really like Marcya and Brad seems very happy, which makes us happy.

The following day we finally had a day to just dork around. Playing with their gifts and doing projects. We tried to take the kids skating but had to delay it an hour or two as Gavin's skates were too small and he needed new ones. We did get them out eventually. Bronwyn is not liking the whole skating experience yet. She just screamed and cried until we took her to sit down and removed her skates. She is not our adventurous child. Gavin is doing a bit better. I think we'll try to get him out a fair bit in the next few weeks so he can get used to the whole deal.

This morning we packed up the kids and headed out on an outing with the Watts family. We went out to Sandy McNabe and skated, tobogganed, had a fire and roasted wieners, drank hot chocolate etc. In true Watts fashion the toboggan hill was a bit on the deadly side. This didn't rattle me as our childhood was filled with very dangerous hills to throw ourselves down. I guess we just repeat the patterns from our childhood - or so I've heard.

The kids had a great time and they all crashed on the way back. Thankfully Mom was with us to help keep me awake (and remind me to slow down for turns and cars etc.). Mari was so good and she actually had a wonderful time. Carissa pulled her around on the sled for a long time. Mari was just all grins.

A lovely day - and now everyone is bagged.

Bring on the New Year - we can take it, I'll just likely sleep through the first month or two.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas for 2009

The season is heating up but the temperatures are staying cold. Typical Christmas season at our house.

We are very thankful for all our blessings and that includes you - our friends and loved ones.

We are also thankful for Jesus, our Lord and saviour. Remembering him is what Christmas is about, in our house anyhow.

May God bless your homes richly. Wishing you all much laughter and love over the holiday season.
We'd love to hear from you - post a comment and let us know how you are doing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mari video

So I just wanted to sneak in a little video of our little spark plug Mari.

We are doing fine

I haven't been posting much. Simply because I am either too tired, don't have the time or can't get myself organized to sit down and do it. December is always such a crazy month.

The kids are enjoying life these days. Likely want to be outside a bit more than they are allowed but it has been so cold. Bronwyn doesn't much like the cold or the wind so she is fine staying in more.

Last weekend we built gingerbread houses at Mom's. The kids all did such a great job. It is becoming quite the tradition. A sticky tradition but a tradition none the less. After doing the houses we were all a mess. I had icing all over my pants which is bad enough but Mari decided to lick the icing off my pants. Crazy kook!

Gavin has four days left of school before he is done for the holidays. That is pretty exciting for him. My challenge will be to keep him sufficiently occupied so he doesn't get too bored.

The kids are having a movie night right now with popcorn. Mari is marauding around trying to steel everyone's popcorn. Even though she has some of her own. I guess stolen popcorn tastes better!

Mari really is at a funny stage these days - so cute! Lots of trouble but very cute.

Earlier tonight Gavin wanted to wrestle with his dad but they had to have an early bath if they wanted to do movie night so he had a tough choice. I heard him say to his Dad, "I have an idea, how about you wrestle me out of my pajamas." I heard lots of screams and laughter after that which lead me to believe that Daddy figured this was a good compromise.

Bronwyn is doing good too. She likes to say, "That is bery cool."

Mari is stuck on the little people garage at the moment. She'd like down but I'm not sure I want to rescue her.
Our Christmas tree is up - earliest EVER. It is in varying states of decoration - some days the balls are all over the floor (thank heaven's they are plastic) and some days they are on the tree. It just depends on the mood of the kids.
Hope your Christmas is starting to look Merry.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mayhem upstairs

I have been downloading a few pictures. While I am doing this Wes is upstairs with the kids. They decided to string the lights that Grandma brought us in the kids room. I think Grandma intended them for the outside of the house. She is desperate for us to not be the only house on the blocks that doesn't do anything for Christmas!

There has been a great deal of activity, yelling, stomping, laughing and general excitement. I'll have to go up and check out what they have done.

Mom and Dad were here for supper. They were babysitting for us, as Wes and I went for Gavin's parent teacher interview. He is doing very well. It seems that he listens well, is a keener, is very clever and has finally gotten over his school-phobia.

We are very proud of the sweet boy! Now if I could figure out how to get him to be a listening keener at home - well then we'd be cooking with gas eh?

The kids played outside for a while before going to school this morning. I took these pictures. Mari can hardly move in her snowsuit and boots. Its quite funny!