Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was never able to give my friends advice on romance and dating. Mostly, because, well... when they were all getting married I still hadn't figured out that not all boys were just like brothers. I was a bit of a late bloomer (or a fat head - not sure which).

This doesn't mean I wasn't an expert in romance, unfortunately I was an expert in 17th century romance, not as useful in today's society.

But now... now... I am an expert. Well, as much of an expert as a horribly pragmatic person who happens to be married to the least romantic man alive can be, but still I think I am now qualified.

I know several young women who are getting married this summer and it has put me into the mood for handing out unwelcome advice. My sage wisdom is obviously not targeted at these young ladies as if they have chosen to get married it is too late for them. But there may be other avid readers of my blog who have been longing to hear my perspective on this issue.

As I said, I am an expert on romance. Not the tawdry Harlequin crappy romance, but the smart clever and funny romances - Jane Austen and... well pretty much just Jane Austen but she rocks!

After over ten years of marriage when I now watch a romantic movie or read a book where the characters fall for one another, I have more opinions than I would have years ago. Here are a couple of my thoughts - an appetizer of sorts.

1. The strong silent type is the most attractive. The problem with this is that they don't talk - no really it isn't that they are just good listeners and will give you all the attention in the world. They don't like to converse, have conversations or in any other way engage with words. Trust me I KNOW! They are still very attractive you just have to be comfortable with talking for two (something that comes pretty naturally to me).

2. You don't need him to give you flowers or gifts to show his affection. The problem with this one is that once they marry you men typically stop doing this sort of thing - so milk it while you can!

3. Most men have hidden depths that only the love of their life will discover. The problem is frankly, most men are WYSIWYG - what you see if what you get. If their depths are hidden they likely aren't there at all. So decide if you like what you see, cause its what you'll end up with.

4. A man that will change for you is a great catch. Frankly if a guy has to change for you then why are you with him. Do him a favour and yourself one too, find someone you can respect enough as he is.

See - all these great gems of advice rolling around in my head and nothing to do with them. Sheesh!

It beats my usual advice that if you want to ensure that you are happy you should find a Wes Davis to marry - it worked for me!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Where did March go?

These week sees another month become a memory. Where does the time go?

Just the other day I was starting to pack lunches and wondering how we would ever get through another year of school. And here we are, it is almost over.

We are like most people, busy. But, perhaps we are a little less busy than others - I don't cope well with a hectic schedule. I like a measured and some what carefree life. If we don't have time to read, watch movies and do generally fun things then what is the point?

We are outside a lot more now and if I can remember to take the camera I'll get some pictures to share.

I am feeling pensive tonight and there are many thoughts I could write about, but I seem to be unable to get a firm grasp on single thoughts so they'll continue to fly around, undisciplined!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is the weekend...

that the Davis family learns to bike!

Gavin was riding his bike last summer, but was having a hard time starting and stopping. Mainly because I bought a bike that was too big for him (ahem). Last night he tried his bike for the first time this year. I helped him get going and that was it. He is riding like a pro. He's riding as confidently as a kid who has been doing it for three years!! Ataboy!

Bronwyn's little bike was broken so we needed to get her a new one. A neighbor offered one of their old bikes. I was worried because it didn't have training wheels, but she seemed to want it. We brought it home and I helped her for about two minutes in front of our house. When daddy got home she asked if he'd help her. So out they went.

I was inside with Mari, who was still getting suited up. They were out for about 5 minutes. Gavin came in and yelled, "Mom, Bronwyn is riding her bike with Dad just jogging beside her." I grabbed a camera and ran.

She is still having some steering and getting started issues, I think the bike is a bit heavy for her. But once again she has amazed us!! She is so determined and just works so hard. I never thought getting my little girl (heart condition and all) to balance on a bike would be so easy. Specially after the drama of trying to teach Gavin to ride a bike (sorry buddy).

Mari has been flying on her little run bike, her balance is amazing and she has no fear. So she'll be riding in no time, I just don't want to get her a normal bike until Bronwyn has had her turn to get comfortable.

I'm going to need to get myself a bike now so I can keep up. I just need to find a really wide seat for my ample butt!