Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I think I'm a farmer

I have long felt like I am a farmer. Well, not a real farmer but a sort of "kindred" farmer. Let me explain.

I have a list of reasons that I think qualify me to be a farmer.

1. I have a killer farmer tan.
2. I prefer to give directions east and west rather than left or right. (I realize that my motives for doing this are different than your average farmer - I personally can't tell my left from right so it is easier for me).
3. I have a little patch of garden - a few peas, tomatoes and beans - which I like to refer to as my crop.
4. I have a problem throwing anything away that might be useful.
5. I know some farmers and I like them so that kind of makes me an honourary farmer, sort of!!
6. I helped my cousin sell carrots at a farmer's market once when I was a wee girl. Was pretty good at it too if I can remember correctly.
7. I can tell the difference between wheat and barley (well not bearded wheat - haven't the foggiest how to tell it from barley).

Well, OK, so I'm not a farmer, I'm as urban as you can get. But... I will confess that I have a huge admiration for our farmers. These people have taken on a job and a lifestyle that has many inherent challenges and why do they do it? Well, they would have to answer for their own personal motivation. But what I do know is that someone has to provide food for the people of the world. It is a noble calling.

When I go to the grocery store and pick out my bread or my produce or my meat I am often unaware of the lives behind these products. People who run great risk of investment, isolation and mercy of the weather to make sure I have food for my children. It is for these people, these families and their choices I give thanks! God bless all our farmers!

Sunday, July 01, 2012