Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our house is too hot...

Or so I say - but Wes on the other hand has figured out that it isn't the house - its me. He figures that I have a medical condition that causes me too exude to much body heat and so it doesn't take much for me to overheat. Wow - glad he cleared that up for me.

Three nights in a row

Bronwyn has slept through the night three nights in a row. I think it may have something to do with the massive fan we have on in their room! Yeah for sleep.

Monday, July 23, 2007

We just keep going

Wow! This summer has been so busy. We have just been on the go. Today is a sit at home and watch movies and veg. day.

Friday we were at Carissa & Robbie's fourth birthday party. If you want to see chaos watch twins open gifts - ha! The boys all got pirate loot bags and the girls got Tinkerbell stuff. Here's an idea - get a whole bunch of 4 year old boys together and give them all swords! Makes me wonder why pirate themed parties are so popular. Actually, the party was really nice.

Saturday we cleaned the house a bit and then headed out to Kanaskis. It was our church's family camp weekend. We weren't up for camping but we headed out to have supper and enjoy a bit of outdoor time. We didn't get as much visiting time as I had hoped as we got lost. We drove all over K-country looking for the campground. The kids were good considering the situation. We even saw some big-horned sheep. It would have been a lovely, family drive in the mountains had mommy not been so cranky about it.

I thought about it after and realized that many people in the world would love to take an afternoon drive in the mountains and take in the pure majesty. If only my attitude had been better eh?

We finally got there and we had a great time. Gavin loves playing with other kids.

Yesterday, was lunch at Mom and Dad's along with the Watts family.

So you see - we need a break.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dancing Boy

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My son loves to dance. This is a bit of a long video but I couldn't figure out which part to edit out.

You will also notice that my daughter has already started to adopt her mother's study habits. If you just rub the book on your head you absorb all the knowledge within. What a clever girl!

Before you all comment on the underwear - he wears it only under duress these days. Gavin is very pro-diaper and very anti-underwear at the moment.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You learn a few lessons on the way

So there are moments as a parent where you think - oh, I should have seen that coming. But, you realized that you didn't see it until it happened, so lesson learned and you move on. That happened to us tonight.

We went out as a family to the grocery store, this is usually a pleasant outing but Gavin was just a bit wound up tonight and he and his Dad had to exit the store before we were finished. Bronwyn and Mom brought the groceries out to the car to find Gavin sitting in the passenger seat beside Daddy. He was just playing about waiting for us. I put Bronwyn in her chair and opened the hatch and started to put groceries in the back. Wes got out to help me.

It is at this point that a wise parent would have decided to either remove the child in the front seat or to at least role the window down. Both adults are out of the vehicle and there is a two year old loose - what could go wrong. Well, I'll tell you - he locked the doors.

Wes banged on the window and pointed to the button and yelled - unlock the door Gavin. I tried yelling from the open hatch but he had also turned the music up. Other shoppers walking by were staring at us! I felt like saying - Yes we are sloppy parents!

Wes found it totally funny - while I was a triffle less amused.

Finally Gavin realized what we were asking and he unlocked the door. Mommy then removed him and strapped him in safely to his car seat.

So you see - lesson learned!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our weekend

One of the gals from our prenatal classes lives near a lake and often invites the rest of us to join them. We met Friday morning and had some fun splashing about and digging in the sand. The kids had fun too. Ha ha - just kidding. Bronwyn is not much of a beach girl at this point. She was not overly impressed with the sand - although she did seem to think it tasted pretty nice.

Yesterday the kids and I went for a walk with my friend Katherine in Fish Creek Park - it was too hot. Then we went to help celebrate Cadence's first birthday.

Sleeping continues to be an issue in our house. Mommy is just getting more and more tired. I seem to be on strike as the dishes aren't done, neither is the laundry or the floors or the groceries. Wow - what have I been doing with my time! Certainly not house cleaning.

But miracles of miracles Bronwyn slept through the night last night - that was the longest she has slept since before her second surgery! Of course it still wasn't a breeze as I woke up at one point with Gavin 2 inches from my face with a pillow lifted over my head! AHHHH! He was coming to sleep with us - not kill his Mommy - I was quite relieved.

Today we went to Auntie Jon's house (that just kills me - seriously) after church and Gavin played like a maniac with his cousins. Then we drove over to Mom and Dad's house where Tom and Pam and kids were visiting and he again played with his big cousins like a maniac. So we brought home one very tired little boy this evening.

Monday, July 09, 2007


It is amazing how something little can completely change your life. Well - this may be overstating it but really it can feel that way.

We got a new stroller. It is a double stroller and fits both kids. It is super! A good friend of mine, Andrea, had tried about 4 different double strollers and finally ended up getting this brand. So I just trusted her judgement and got the same kind. It is super and we are more mobile now. Wes and I took the kids for a long walk on Saturday. In fact today is the first day since we got it last week that I haven't used it. I didn't use it today only because I didn't want the crazy wind sweeping my daughter away.

Speaking of daughters - lately (and I have to admit I have no clue where this comes from but...) when Gavin is doing something naughty and gets caught he runs away mumbling in a gruff voice - Fodder daudders. Translation - father daughters! What the hey? Who knows what the heck that is about.
OK - so one more Gavin story for today. Today Bronwyn was eating and I was getting something in the kitchen, Gavin who was finished was wandering about (menacing I call it). Bronwyn suddenly started to cry so I came flying in the room. Gavin ran from the scene in a guilty way. I asked what he did he said in a very sweet voice- I hit de Bronwyn, but its OK I did it nizely.

Little missy has crawled over to me as I type. Her little personality is just blossoming.

This weekend and today were cooler than last week, which was a relief. Wes has dreams of getting a place in Mexico where we will go and spend big amounts of time. I hate to admit I am not very supportive of this dream - for two reasons. One I am cheap and two I don't like the heat.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gavin's best friend is back

We were out to see Pops and Grandma yesterday. We didn't let the dust settle under their feet either. They got home late Tuesday night and we were on their doorstep early Wednesday morning! How nice of us eh?

We has a wonderful day as always. The highlight for me was as we drove away Gavin sighed and said with a contented expression - I love Pop.

Well there you have it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

We didn't wave a single flag today. Sorry but it is true. In fact I barely knew it was Canada day. I guess for me the days just blend together into on big attempt to get more sleep!

We did, however, have a wonderful day. We went to church, went for lunch (the kids behaved - whoohoo), watered Mom and Dad's plants and went to a gardening centre. When we got home I cut more of the hedge down and weeded while Wes and Gavin made a bird house out of sticks. Bronwyn was napping during this time - a long nap - this is why she is in a mood to party now. Maybe she wants to make the most of her first Canada Day.

I even got to watch a show on TV that interested me - although it was a total bore to everyone else in the family. It was about the great lodges of the Rockies. I just have to admit I love all the grand lovely old hotels that are scattered about in the mountains. If I had more money I'd stay at one every other weekend! But alas we are just wealthy enough to squander all our money on home improvements!

Well I think I should try to get our youngest offspring to go to sleep.