Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where does time go?

We have been so busy but when I sit down to figure out what we have been doing - well it doesn't seem to add up to much.

It has been busy though. The kids are doing great. We have finally had some nice weather. Gavin wakes up in the morning and asks - Where are we going today? and - When can I go outside? I can't blame him - it has been a long haul and it is finally nice to have some half decent weather. And of course we are super thankful we aren't receiving kind of rain they are in eastern Canada - yoicks!

Two mornings in a row now Bronwyn has woken up and crawled out of bed (yes our bed) to go see her Dad while he is getting ready for work. When he brought her back to bed this morning she cried and called for "Daddy." I think she is becoming a bit of a Daddy's girl!

Here is a little video of Bronwyn playing the piano - I am sorry for the shaky video - I was trying to get her to not look at the camera and I seemed to create a fair bit of movement.

I am feeling better again this week - so far so good.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok fine, Nicola

So Nicola "tagged" me. I guess this is something new. She requested that I share 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. I am sure there is a greater good of peace and understanding for all mankind behind this?

So seven random things eh? How random is the question? They obviously have to be interesting but not too revealing. The fact that I have decided to wear maternity underwear for the rest of my days on earth (they are so much more comfortable - really) is likely too personal but saying that I won an award for reciting Casey at the Bat in grade 6 is likely too boring.

Add to that the fact that I am pregnancy and haven't formulated a solid thought in 4 months. And as always the compounding factor of the children - at this moment for example Bronwyn has figured out how to take her shirt off and is busily doing that while her brother laughs at her antics. This is a far more stressful task than I imagine Nicola thought it would be.

Fine, here goes...

1. I think my favourite song of all time could possibly be Tub Thumping by Chumba Wumba.

2. When I was a child I used to share my ice cream cones with my dogs - and it didn't gross me out. Now I have a hard time even sharing a cone with my kids.

- little recess to put my daughter's shirt back on and try talk my son out of taking his off.

3. I got one and only one D in University - it was in Statistics. The horrible truth is that I actually studied, got help and made an effort (which was super odd for me) and still got a D. I personally think they just make that stuff up as they go along!

4. I have fairly advanced theories about food. There are foods which I consider flexible (can be used in many different ways - eg. eggs, ham) and foods which are not flexible (ones that should only be eaten in their whole form - eg. apples). Then there are foods which I reject completely - like the melon family. It is a fairly complicated system - maybe I should hire a statistician to help me organize it.

5. Before I found out about my daughter's heart problem I could not have told you how the human heart works. I was thankful that it did - but I had no comprehension of how. I now know more but there are still bits that are hazy. This provides sport for my doctor friend Ali!

6. When I was very little my Granddad Watts told me stories about when he was younger. He told me that he was a soldier, a Welsh Guard in fact, and told me about being a guard in London. He also told me about the sewers in London (they are all made of cobbled stone - I guess) and how they are all paved. Just nice stories from his life as a young man. Of course, I grew up thinking that my Granddad guarded the sewers in London - didn't really know why - just knew it had to be important.

7. The first time I met Wes was at a church ball practice. I asked Andrea Reid who the cute guy at third base was? She replied Wes Davis. Now I thought I had already met Wes (the fellows name was Russ I guess - oh well guess I don't listen that great). I said - no that's not Wes Davis. Andrea said yes it is. I said - No, I am 99.9% sure that is not Wes Davis. Andrea shrugged and dropped it. Which is pretty amazing as she could have easily out ranked me considering she grew up attending church with Wes. Well - guess I was wrong - there is always room for error - you know that .01% chance!

So that's my random things. Now I guess the rules - of course there are rules! I now have to tag some others - so my apologies if this is as hard for you as it was for me. My logic for picking you - is you are avid bloggers whom I think won't have privacy issues - so forgive me if I got it wrong.

Tim and Sarah

Now for the rest of the rules - Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules in your blog entry. Share 7 random, or weird, facts about yourself. Tag people at the end of the post, linking to them. Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Buried in snow...

... and resenting it!

Sorry for my long absence but well - you know! The weather here is well frankly just shocking and I am not sure we shouldn't all write Weather Canada some nasty letters about it. I think it is time that this snow business just stopped.

It is so strange to feel house bound again in April. I have a water toy that the kids play with in the kitchen - I let them wear their swimsuits the other day as they usually get soaked when they play. It was snowing outside at the time - so this was purely an indoor swimsuit activity.

I took Gavin to see The Wiggles last week. It was great - except he fell asleep! He was so tired from the weekend and not napping - but what he stayed awake for he loved. He just loves The Wiggles - well not the new Wiggle Sam. Nothing personal, I am sure that Sam is a lovely man and a lovely Wiggle - but my son is quite resistant to change. He cries if I turn on The Wiggles and Sam in on instead of Greg. Oh yo yo!

I am off to bed - I am weary.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time gets away

I have been a bit slow in posting this week. I have often thought of sitting down but just haven't managed to get the time necessary. It is crazy how busy life can get - and I don't really do anything!

It is finally a beautiful spring day here and the snow is almost melted - yes snow! The foot of snow that fell on Thursday. Calgary has some seriously weird weather. The kids are both napping which is a real rare occasion. Gavin rarely has naps now - which is likely why I never have time to do anything. Oh - I spoke to soon - the little one is now awake.

I was going to tell a few funny stories and share some thoughts - but heck that will have to wait!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bright days ahead

The kids and I had a pretty busy day today - the best news - I felt pretty good. I am now tired, but considering how yucky I was feeling this was amazing.

I had an ultrasound yesterday and a doc appointment today - all looks good so far. It is way to early to tell if this baby has any heart issues - but we will be looking into that down the road. I was just amazed at how clear this ultrasound was. The first and only ultrasound I had with Gavin was pretty mysterious. I couldn't figure out which end was up, let alone how that could possibly be a human. I think the huge number of echos (which appear just like an ultrasound) I had before Bronwyn was born helped me learn how to pick things out. It was great to see this new little baby just moving and clapping - seriously the baby was clapping!

The kids and had a quick trip to the park today as the weather was nice and a bit of a visit with Max too. I don't know what the fascination with piling gravel on a slide is - but wow - every kid I have ever met loves to do it! Bronwyn is no exception.

I have also been watching the situation in Zimbabwe with keen interest. It is seriously crazy! Those of you who pray, pray now for this beleaguered country. I would love to see some change in a way that doesn't cause wide spread violence. Harare, the capital, where these journalists were staying is where my family lives. Scary!

Our peaceful little day seems somehow very ironic considering the turmoil and distress in Zimbabwe. But, the population there and my family are heavy on my heart and mind. I pray that positive change will come soon.