Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh the drama!

There are certain things you are exposed to as the mother of daughters that you likely never deal with if you only have sons. I am not sure these things are worse or better, but they likely involve more drama.

Today was Bronwyn's dress rehearsal for ballet. Full costume and make-up. Now, if I was a normal mom who got up in the morning and did my face and hair this wouldn't have been such a big deal. But, I don't do my hair, I have a touque for that. And... I have gone from wearing make-up only on Sundays to only wearing it for funerals and weddings. As a result I had to go buy make-up for Bronwyn. I couldn't use six year old mascara on my lovely child (even if I'd use it on myself  - ahem).

I took the list of required items to the store. The red lipstick was a bit of a problem. I mean, what kind of red? So I searched until I found one called - RED. Not passion red, or cherry, or very raspberry bloom. No it was called red! No one could accuse me of getting the wrong colour that way. I picked blush the same way, it was called Light Pink.

So I dropped a substantial amount of money at the drug store on make-up for my girls. Yes, I got a few items for Mari too. If I hadn't there would have been even more drama!

The girls were soooo excited to have make-up. I threatened them to leave it alone and that they were never to touch it, Mommy was the only one who could decide when and how it was to be used.

I gave myself a lot of time to get the girls ready. Mari is in the junior show but she still needs her hair in a bun and the tiniest bit of make-up (just a bit of blush). Hair was the easy part.

Bronwyn was just shaking with excitement and kept asking if she could get the make-up. I said no, took a deep breath, retrieved the bags of contraband and sat down to collect my thoughts.

I had her sit on the coffee table in front of me and I very carefully started to apply a bit of foundation (as the instructions required). Then a light dusting of powder. So far, so good. In fact, this was a bit fun. Then Bronwyn said, "OK, Mom are we done now?"

The bubble burst as I said, "No honey, we have just got started."

Next, the eyes. Eye shadow not so hard. Eye liner trickier. Had to redo some of the eyeshadow to help cover the mistakes made on the little fidgety eye lids. "Not that again." Sighed Bronwyn. We were apparently never going to be done.

So, now the thing I had been dreading all day. Mascara! A light hand, careful so careful. Almost there. Oooohh, not bad if I do say so. I put the sticky thing down and Bronwyn unused to the feeling lifted her hand and rubbed her eye! I yelled, "No, don't touch your eyes." She started and started to cry. Now I yelled, "No, don't cry." She shut her eye and smeared the now wet makeup all over.

It was at this point that Wes walked into the house.

This is what he overheard, "No crying, stop. If you don't stop I'm going to pull you out of ballet and put you in soccer. There is no makeup in soccer!" Finally, after a few deep breaths we both calmed down, we washed up the offending black smudges and started with touch ups.

I pulled out the eye shadow and she said, "Not that again."

Finally, it was Mari's turn...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter fun

I downloaded some photos from my big camera and was shocked by how many photos I have actually taken lately. Here are some winter fun shots. Gavin has been enjoying playing street hockey with his dad. Mari likes to chase the ball - she's part golden retreiver.

Wes & I took Bronwyn and Mari skating today while Gavin was playing at the neighbors. Mari has really never been on skates before so this was her first shot at it. Bronwyn hasn't been on skates since last year. I was seriously proud of both of them. They did great!


Saturday, January 05, 2013

Recent conversation

I had this conversation with Mari just before Christmas.

Me - Mari, lets go into this store so we can get Robbie his Christmas present.
Mari - I know what we should get Robbie.
Me - What?
Mari - Flowers.
Me - I dunno honey. I'm not sure Robbie would be thrilled to get flowers for Christmas.
Mari - He would.
Me - No. Mari, sorry but we are not getting him flowers.
Mari - Mommy?
Me - Yes.
Mari - Why do I have such an old Mom?
Me - Well, I guess I'm just the age I am. You are stuck with me.
Mari - Mommy? Why do I have such a mean old mom?
Me - Mari? Why do I have such a mean daughter?
Mari - I'm not mean, you mean.
Me - (to myself) I am not having this argument with a four year old! (to Mari) OK, come with me, lets go shopping.

I thought I'd wait at least until the early teens for these kind of conversations. Oh well.

Just thought it was kind of a fun story.