Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love October

It is a great month. Leaves are falling, the city is beautiful. Fall is my bestest time of year!

October is always a busy month around here. I'm looking forward to it. I'm all for enjoying the last days before winter sets in.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No pictures again

I know I have pictures, I just don't have the time to go and download them. And I can't blame Peggle this week. It has been just crazy around here. I mean busy crazy, add that to the usual craziness of this house and it makes for an AGGGHHHHH!

Mari removed her pajamas and diaper this evening and proceeded to pee on the carpet. I caught her in the act. Now, with a dog I would rub its nose in the pee to make the point that it shouldn't do it again. I'm aware that one shouldn't do this with a child, but then what does one actually do? Does one just hope the kid figures out that the toilet is the bowl in the bathroom and not the flat indoor/outdoor in the basement or do you do something more "proactive?" Like yell in a frantic voice, "No, no not there. Not there. That is not a toilet, no pee, not there." Will that work? I guess time will tell.

Tuesdays are our BUSY days. Gavin has piano after school, Bronwyn has ballet just before supper. Gavin is loving his piano lessons, he is doing really well. We do his practice in the morning before school and he is super good about it.

Bronwyn loves her ballet classes too. Its pretty sweet. She is really loving preschool. Yesterday, they took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and took the kids to a park. She thought that was pretty spectacular. She got tired, the younger teacher carried her home. They spoil her there too!!

I went to the dentist today, but if I talk about it I'll launch into a diatribe on why I distrust dentists and could dental hygienists be any more condescending, which might offend some readers, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.

So life plugs along.

Every now and then I go back in time and reread blog entries. I particularly like to go back and see what we were doing at this time last year, or in 2007 etc. It seems impossible that this time last year we were in Edmonton for Bronwyn's surgery. Seems a million years ago. Just a memory that I have pushed so far back it seems like I just imagined it.

But it was real and she did do it and she is now amazing! We are truly so thankful.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wasting time

We are still here. I am sorry for not blogging more. I like to think its because I find my deeper thoughts to hard to bottle, or we are all so busy adjusting to our new life as school attendees, but...

I have been spending my spare time playing Peggle. Really its shameful but true. I LOVE IT!!

At some point it will grow old and I'll get back to blogging. Is it to much to ask you to patiently wait for me?

Maybe I'll throw some pictures on today, to sweeten the deal! We'll see, it is Saturday and I will technically have more time to play peggle...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Big preschool girl

So Bronwyn is officially a preschooler. She had her first, slightly shortened time, on Friday and her first full class today. She LOVES it. She comes home, chattering, excited and pretending to be the teacher. She is quite a bossy teacher to be frank!
Bronwyn is so proud of herself, it really is priceless. These pictures were taken on her first day, last Friday. She loves to "pose" for the camera - so its a bit hard to get a decent photo of her.

Today Mari and I, thanks to an early nap, filled the time while the other two were at school by going and getting groceries. She was a very good companion. She has a great sense of humor talks far to much to strangers and demands I sing silly songs in the store. Altogether a pretty good buddy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Other stuff

The girls and I are adjusting to having Gavin gone all day, and the early mornings.

Bronwyn had her first ballet class of the year. She was so excited and she listened so well. She wasn't nearly as shy as last year. Over the summer she has really come out of her shell. This Friday she starts her preschool. Exciting times.

Mari is working hard on developing her skills too. She is training to be a monkey. Yup. I am thinking gymnastics might be a good place for her, at least she'd fall on a mat.

I had my mom colour my hair, and she did a very good job of it. I, unfortunately, made a bad choice in hair colour. I look like I've been placed in witness protection. Oh, well it will go back to its natural graying shade soon. Sigh!

Life carries on in the Davis house. A bit of drama here, a bit there. But mostly its happy. And for that we are thankful.

Gavin's first day of school

Yup, our boy is a first grader. Crazy. I look at him now, and I just can't believe how big he is! Hard to believe that we just brought him home... yesterday.

He is also a totally different boy this year. He is going to school without big drama and when I ask him how his day was, he responds, "Just great!" He has even said, "I just loved today." WOW!!!

He also started piano lessons today. He is very excited about that too.

I'm still holding my breath waiting for the difficult times to reemerge, but who knows, maybe he's on a new path altogether?

Regardless of what happens, I am so proud of him.

Visit with Uncle Gerrie and Aunt Elaine

I, in an effort to help Uncle Gerrie get group photos (his camera had run low on batteries), I somehow managed to get very few photos myself. Here are just a couple.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'll get to the pictures

Sorry no pictures today. But I have news. So here we are!

We saw Uncle Gerrie & Aunt Elaine off at the airport on Monday morning, the kids and I that is. We were thankful they could come see us. It was a lovely visit.

Yesterday we went out to Mom and Dad's to meet the newest edition of the family. Dad has got himself a new little tractor. Yesterday, Gavin spent a good part of the day, on his Grandpa's lap running the tractor, helping move dirt, and dig holes (yes, it has a backhoe, Dad has always wanted a backhoe). I guess there is no changing an old equipment guy!

It was quite a sight watching one little boy and one bigger big boy playing on the tractor. Like a giant tonka tractor. Gavin has decided he is ready to have a tractor. He'll be saving for a loooonnngg time!

I have a head cold, just in time for school. Gavin starts tomorrow, and Bronwyn starts next Friday. I was going to acquire and see if they would take Mari into Gavin's school, you know just a couple of year early! Actually, it will be nice to have some alone time with Mari. I'll get lots of exercise.

Wish us luck tomorrow!