Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our musicians

As you can see we have a very high standard of musical excellence in this house!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A few picts

I thought I'd throw some cheery pictures on the blog since I'm not feeling all that cheery today. We are all feeling better and Wes has been helping me with all the house catch-up. So on our front we are all fine.

I am truly struggling today. I had some bad news from an old and dear friend this morning and I feel pretty devestated. There are things in life that I never want those I love to have to face and I would do anything to take it away. But, as good as my intentions I am rendered helpless. I do not have the power to change any of it. All I can do is pray and think, and pray, and cry and think and pray.

I was listening the other day to some women discussing the power of positive thinking. The whole idea that what you imagine and desire for your life is drawn to you because of that thinking.
Now I do believe that this is true in one way but I do disagree in another way. I believe that many things in life happen to you regardless of what your attitude or thoughts. For example, having a child that has a severe illness is always a shock and there is nothing that the parent has done to attract this to their life.
But don't get me wrong I do stronly believe in the power of positive thinking. For me it boils down to a simple thought. I will not let the trials of life define me, I will be defined by how I handle these trials.
I maybe didn't give the thoughts these ladies espoused enough attention so this may be unfair. But for me it is too simple to say "think it and it will be." I am not denying that can happen. But there is a whole big portion of life that falls into the unthinkable!
ps - the spell check isn't working and I am horrid at spelling - so sorry for any errors.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A week goes by

Wow - time does fly when your house bound and miserable.

Bronwyn got sick on the weekend, then I got sick, then Gavin, and finally Wes. I think we have had more flus and colds this year than ever! I think this is just our year to be sickos. Next year should be totally smooth. I find it hard when the kids are sick but when I get sick - well now that's just insulting. We haven't even been able to enjoy the goodies that Wes' Aunt and Uncle sent to us yet.

I did want to send a quick update today because Bronwyn saw her cardiologist today. She is doing great - they are thrilled with her progress. They have several concerns that they watch after the Glenn and she is doing well on all accounts. I suspected she was doing well because is just so symptom free, but it is always a bit scary going in for a check-up. I can't see whats going on in her little heart or her body and I am always worried we'll get some unpleasant surprise like another blood clot or something.

Well - my daughter is wailing. I told Dr. Harder today, when she asked about her behaviour and fussiness, that as long as she gets exactly what she wants she's a model child.

So after a week of craziness here all I have to show for it is the piles of dishes and laundry and other neglected chores - wish me luck!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quiet days

I really have nothing to report right now. Nothing interesting has happened, well beyond the usual kiddie fun. I don't even have the ability to report on my latest greatest thoughts. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing much thinking. It seems we are in the winter duldrums. I am anxious for spring!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are still here and we are well.