Sunday, June 27, 2010

In a blink of an eye

Two days gone in a flash.

Such a busy weekend. My goodness.

After Gavin's last day of school we decided to go to Drumheller on Saturday. Kick off our summer holidays in style. The kids loved it. We had just a super time. Dinosaur museum, a walk in the badlands and the reptile museum. Several hours and three very tired kids later we were on our way home. In fact, while we were doing our walk, Wes had Mari on his shoulders and she fell asleep! Ha.

Today we went out to my folks and had what has to be the best steak I've had in years! Gee whiz, I won't need to eat for half the week.

The kids and I are headed on a road trip for a few days. So you won't be hearing from me until later in the week. Wish us luck, Daddy is staying home to work so we will be on our own! Yikes!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heavy hitter

Gavin's last Tball game was last night. Big night for him. He enjoyed it a lot they got ice cream and a trophy or a torfy (as he calls it). The game got called early, a lightning storm ended the festivities.

Last year we did soccer and had a very bad experience, a very competitive coach who was horrified to have a new "inexperienced" four year old on his team. This year, in Tball, it was totally different. A much nicer experience, with a lovely man coaching! Super great.

This week sure feels like a week of lasts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny Dancer

So here is our precious tiny dancer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not my usual kind of post

OK, this isn't a normal post, but I just couldn't resist.

Wes is a big fan of his TV, I usually sit and do puzzles (trying to regroup after a busy kid filled day). I am never too interested in anything in particular. But, we have started watching a new show and it is SOOO funny (light, but funny).

The Good Guys. Check it out - its totally worth it!

Monday, June 14, 2010


It was a wild and hairy weekend at the Davis house. The sun finally came out and we tried, as did most Calgarians, to cram as much into the weekend as we could. The result is a pack of very tired children today.

Our weekend was unplanned but super eventful. The boring things, like laundry, house cleaning, etc still had to be done - so they got squished in as we could.

We did a lot of hanging with our neighbors. We drove out to Bragg Creek on Saturday and had a weenie roast. We worked on the yard - back to the dandy lion drama!! Sunday we did church, a local community celebration (full of sticky stuff and bouncing castles, and a local rugby team trying to teach the kids some basics). Followed by a impromptu barbecue with the same neighbors.

I know I've mentioned it before, but we are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors, they have become very dear friends.

Busy, busy. Too much sun, too many treats, too much fun. But not too many pictures, the battery in my camera died and I forgot to charge it up - so no photos!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Gavin is known, in this house, as the ring leader. There is little that he isn't in charge of. As a matter of fact, I often say that I stand as the barrier between Gavin and world domination. If you hear that the world has fallen to his control, know that I went down fighting!!

Having said that, it is only fair to also say that he is charming, sweet, sensitive and amazingly clever. Really love this little boy. He is growing far to fast for my liking.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Here are some pictures of our dear Bronwyn. She is so much like her Grandma that it scares me. She's careful and dainty and a total princess. She'll howl and cry if she doesn't get her way. If you ask her why she did something, she replies, "for a reason." She talks non stop as long as its just close family around.

She is lovely!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Our Mari is getting bigger. Wow - time flies. She has a crazy fun personality. She's demanding, tempermental, funny, goofy and a real chancer. Just a lovely ball of kid.

Here are a couple recent picts of our youngest little wonder.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Lemonade stand

Gavin has been very motivated to make money lately. He wants a Wii. Grandpa has one and he insists that we need one too. I'm reluctant to just "get it for the family", as Bronwyn doesn't show any interest in video games and Mari is still too young.

I came up with the idea of the Wii jar. I suggested that we have a little container and that we just collect all our spare change and any other money Gavin wants to contribute so that we can save for a Wii. It has become his main focus in life. He usually starts conversations with, "Here's another idea, how I can make money..." It usually involves me driving him to a toy store so he can buy toys to resell. I'm trying to impress upon him the bad economics in that plan, but he seems to miss the point. From his point of view if the money going out is mine, well he's still gaining.

This morning he was determined to have a lemonade stand. When I told him that we had to go to the grocery store to buy lemons, having only one in the house, he changed it to an ice tea stand. I guess a good businessman is always willing to adapt.

So he made a sign, we made ice tea, with help from Mari (which just about put Mommy passed her point of endurance). We set up his stand and he began to sell.

His first customers were of course Bronwyn and Mari. Mari wouldn't give up her quarter. Bronwyn gave her quarter up, but couldn't understand why she couldn't get it back. Finally, our neighbors came over and the real fun began.

At one point a city truck drove down our very quiet street. They stopped and ordered two ice teas. That was SO exciting for Gavin! Real customers. I thought it was pretty sweet of them. There was only one other vehicle that passed by, but I didn't expect them to stop. It was the rather cranky lady down the street who has only stopped to talk to me on one occasion - and that was to ask me what I intended to do about my dandy lion problem.

He made two dollars, which he added to his Wii fund. We do plan to supplement his fund, in case you are worried that I'm giving a small child an unattainable goal. I just think its good for him to be involved in the purchase.

It was a fun morning, the house will need some attention soon, but I suppose that can always wait.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

We have arrived as parents

Tonight we enjoyed (or endured) our first ever school concert. A small gym packed with several hundred parents, no fresh air and seated so as to ensure that no one can actually see their child. Our child, being part of the kindergarten class had the shortest part of the affair.

We sat through an hour and a half of children singing and saying lines. Our sons part, as a class, lasted maybe 30 seconds. I'd get my money back if I'd paid anything!

They were very cute and it was very well done. It was a school concert though.

I feel as though we have been initiated into some very special and yet totally horrible club.

In a couple weeks we have Bronwyn's first dance recital - here's to hoping that at least one ballerina goes AWOL and does something worth watching!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Turning a new leaf

So the snow has stopped, the weather is supposed to be improving and its June.

I am determined to turn a new leaf and get out of the lazy blogging mode I have been in. So here it is - I'll be here more often - I promise.

Right now I have to run. Gavin is fixing things. His Grandpa gave him a little tool box and he gets up to all sorts of mischief with it. So I best go see what he's taking a part. I think its the baby gate at the moment.

Mari is likely in the bathtub. She crawls in there pretty regularly (if I forget to close the bathroom door). I'm worried she'll figure out how to work the taps.

Bronwyn is playing princess dress up - messy but not as destructive as the other two.

Best go see if I can prevent some property damage.