Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change can be a good thing... ?

Saturday will go down in our family annuls as, "not one of Mommy's best days." Before I start, in my defense, I was exceptionally tired. Gavin has been waking up in the night with bad dreams for a while now and Friday night was quite a long night!

Gavin was difficult Saturday morning, which was great since his Dad had to go meet with some clients. So I was left, over tired and negotiating a terribly cranky (and in his defence - sickish) kid.

We made it through that, but I was just not feeling myself. There were kids in and out of the house, mostly out.

Finally Wes came home and we had a quick lunch. I decided to have a bath. I wanted to shave my legs as we were going "out." Our neighbors had insisted that we go out, they gave us a gift card to a near bye restaurant and insisted that they would also babysit. Cause they are great like that!

I turned on the water but before I could undress the neighbors came up to our door to admire Bronwyn's brand new scooter (which she is very proud of by the way). I popped out to chat a bit. When I came in I looked at Wes and my face dropped, "The Bath!" I yelled! Wes just shook his head slowly and said, "I turned it off." Whew - disaster averted.

I usually trim Wes' hair for him. He had borrowed Dad's hair buzzer set (whatever they are called). So we sat down, since the kids were all outside and set him up for a hair cut. I am not a hair dresser, in fact I always laugh that I have only one hair cut in my arsenal. I stick a 1/2 inch guard on the buzzer thing and just trim his hair - short back and sides.

Apparently, as I learned, I have two hair cuts in my arsenal.

I got everything plugged in and fiddled with this and that and then starting at the top of his head I took a long swath of hair. It took about 1/2 a second to realize that I had not put a guard on the buzzer. I was staring at a long bald strip down my husband's head. I gasped!! His hand flew up and he laughed and asked what I was doing.

Well, he took it very well - I however, cried and well...

There was no choice, we couldn't hide it. It would take a Donald Trump type comb over to cover the damage and Wes' hair wasn't that long!

So, Wes now has a VERY short back and sides cut! He looks like he is just home from on weekend leave from the army (well maybe they have more hair than he does). Or, that we were treating him for lice! Either way - it was my fault!

We went on our date and I am glad to say that even with his hair buzzed off my husband is still the sexiest man I know!

This morning Mari said, "Mommy, I miss Daddy's hair. When will it come back?"

Soon Mari, soon... I hope.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A display of the health system at its best

When Bronwyn was born I worried a lot. There is often a lot of news coverage about the failing of our health care system. Long waits, inappropriate treatments and other horrors. I had never needed more than a surface understanding of our medical system, and I certainly had not required more than basic services.

We were amazed at how efficiently and quickly the system worked for us. I have occasionally tried to explain to people how the system is set up, but it was truly a bit confusing to me. I knew it was a large network and there was a base of  collaboration and communication.

I found this video while surfing on You Tube. It helps explain the system very well. Oh and many of our favourite doctors are interviewed, as well as many of our favourite staffers are shown in the video. A nicely put together video that shows just how world class the care our children are receiving.

Its a little long, but it is really worth the watch.