Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It has been a while

I realized it has been a while since I last posted. September has been a blur of activities, appointments, crazy new endeavours and regular family stuff. Not sure I can keep this pace up all winter, so wish me luck on that one.

Wes is proceeding with the house and the weather has been (cross our fingers and pray for continuance) in our favour. Dry and warm.

The kids are busy, in fact tonight they were down right warn out. Early to bed, is what Mamma decided.

Me, well, I wasn't very well on the weekend, not sure what it was, maybe a massive panic attack, maybe hormones, maybe...

But all is right with our world at this moment and that is sufficient.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Davis weekend

We had a busy weekend. Oddly enough we worked on our house this weekend. Not sure how it happened but I'll take it!

Wes had the fellow who is removing all the excess fill and dirt from the property in Wildwood bring a load to our house. We have these huge flower beds Wes constructed earlier this summer and since in some places they are over 2 feet deep I didn't want it to be filled with expensive topsoil. So we had a mound of dirt to move around.

Thankfully Dad has a tractor. He helped us with the moving. The kids were most upset that we moved their big dirt mountain. Not in their plan. In fact, after the fellow dropped the load the kids busted out of the house to play on the mound for quite some time. Dinner was late that night. The next day the neighbour kids came and joined ours. Apparently a big pile of dirt makes you very popular. After the dirt play they squeezed in some time for crab apple picking and snack time. My kids had picked crab apples the evening before and they were eager to share their extensive knowledge.

We also had one of our Sunday potluck get togethers and had the neighbours over for a barbeque. Crazy busy weekend. But a lot of fun.

Wes managed to find some free top soil on Kijiji and made a couple trips. Which means I can actual start doing some planting. This was all work that I was afraid wouldn't happen thanks to the new house venture. So I am very tickled with all this progress. We might not be the worst looking house on the block forever - yeah!

Friday, September 16, 2011

School mornings

Mari has been pretty choked lately. It seems life is exciting and busy for... everyone else. She throws a fit when I get Bronwyn ready for ballet. I have to let her dress in Bronwyn's old shoes and outfit to make her happy. I thought, last week, that she'd like to come watch the girls. But that was a disaster. She was having none of this watching business. She wants to be IN the class.

This morning I was running Gavin over to the neighbors as it was their turn to drive the boys to school and Mari insisted on coming with me.

In some ways being the youngest is hard work. Hang on baby girl, your turn will come, soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Davis family adventures

Life just doesn't seem to be slowing down. The kids are busy with school. In fact, Gavin was sick on the weekend so I kept him home today but he must go tomorrow. It is picture day and we must commemorate grade two even if he looks washed out and miserable!

Wes' new adventure has us all hopping. He has purchased a house to fix up and sell. I'm a ball of nerves to say the least. Our Irish friend Shaun helped him take down two huge spruce trees on the weekend. Shaun had a landscape company in Ireland so he knew a fair bit more than Wes, such a relief for me. There were a few mishaps but there was no serious damage or injury - again Whew!

I've been busy making phone calls and getting things sorted out today. Wes almost has the plans ready, he hopes to take them in tomorrow for approval. We are getting closer to really getting moving.

I'll be keeping a blog for Wes on the adventures of this new little house. If you wish to follow along here is the link - Rehab this House.

I have big plans here too. I want to make some head way at home. Get a bit more done on our front yard project. Get some dirt for my back garden (I was promised this in the spring - not to sound bitter or anything). I want to put some curtains up in our room and maybe even, and I can't believe I'm saying this, hang a picture or two. In fact, there are boxes I have never unpacked under my bed. So maybe even find homes for that stuff. But, I expect even though I may draw up lists and make detailed plans my projects will end up at the bottom of the pile. That is where they always end up.

I am so excited for Wes, this is something he has wanted to do for a long time. I am confident he will do a super great job. And he promised me when its finished he will do some of my projects. Hmmm - we will see.

The fall is always a time for new starts and new adventures. It is also my favourite time of year. Bring it on!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Return of the routine

The Davis house is busy getting back into the swing of fall. School days. Piano lessons. Ballet. Potty training Mari (that's likely only going to happen this fall). Wes busy with a soon to be new venture. Me running behind everyone trying to keep up.

The kids are quite happy but very tired. The new rigorous schedule has made them a bit tired and a bit cranky, but I expect this won't last for long.

Bronwyn had a check up today, with our new doctor. Our previous family doctor has changed direction and has reduced his practice. So we are now seeing a young good looking South African doctor who juggles (he gave the kids a bit of a demo). I think the girls think it was a trade up. So far he seems pretty thorough and he showed by his questions that he actually read through Bronwyn's chart and history. Id rather not be breaking in another doctor, it is comfortable to stay with a doctor who understands you and your family, but here we are and I hope it will be an easy process.

Don't plan on visiting me in the next little while. I have decided to temporarily stop cleaning my house. I wont ignore it forever, just on strike for a while.

We are busy and mostly happy and we hope and pray that you are too.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

First day of school

We got Gavin off to school for his first day of grade two. He was very nervous but brave.

Bronwyn had to wait until after lunch. She was so excited. She kept asking me to give her lunch so she could get going. She is so impressed with herself, she feels such a big girl. Mommy is managing too, barely.

When we dropped Bronwyn off all the students lined up. After a couple seconds I looked around there was Mari in the middle of them back against the school wall, ready to go. She was most upset when I forcibly moved her from her spot.

It is my hope that today is a big success for both of my kids. Regardless of what happens we are pretty darn proud of our little munchkins.

Catch up

We have been very busy. Gerrie and Elaine came for a visit. The kids had a lemonade stand among many other adventures. And that was the end of our summer break. Sigh!