Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My kids are good!

I have to admit the last week of my life has not been all roses. Not sure why. I think the kids are having mid summer blues and I, well I have been with them 24/7 since the flood shut down the city. So...

On top of that I am not what you might call a "natural" mother. I think I might have been better and more flexible had I birthed my children before getting old and grumpy, but here I am - Old, grumpy and a parent of young children.

The kids have been attending VBS and this year I offered to help, so I have been sticking around. There are 100 kids roughly, give or take a few. I haven't been dealing directly with the kids but still, watching all the manic activity and the running has been exhausting. But it has given me an opportunity to see my kids in action when I'm not the centre of their world. Kind of like spying on them from afar.

When they are with me my kids are happy to give me the gears. They are happy to push me and my patience. They are happy to talk back and be disobedient. But...

With others, they are compliant, good natured, well behaved and good listeners. I am sure they aren't always like that, that they occasionally step out of the lines, but compared to their behaviour at home they are saints!

On one hand this makes me happy. I figure that something of the values we are trying to instill in the kids must be sinking in. But on the other hand, how do I replicate this behaviour at home??

All I can say is I'm proud of my kids - which is saying a lot after the week we just had.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Almost half way

Our summer break is almost half way and I have accomplished nothing. None of the "jobs" I intended to do this summer have been done, and frankly, there is little chance that I'll get to them. So it goes.

The kids start VBS this week. The kids were starting to get a bit antsy and grumpy last week, so I think this a well timed activity.

Just letting you know we are all OK. I'm tired, but we had a nice weekend as a family so I feel revived also. Amazing what a bit of time with a lovely husband can do!

We hope August is as much fun as July. Bronwyn is gearing up for her birthday party, its pretty much all she can talk about. Gavin is enjoying field lacrosse, I think this may be something we continue based on how much fun he is having. Mari is well... Mari is growing like a weed and there are days I still can't believe that my baby is in going into kindergarten! Oh my!

Busy times!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


To say we were affected by the flood in Calgary is an understatement.

Now, we weren't "affected" - in other words, we didn't have any damage nor loss. But as part of this community, and I think all Calgarians (and surrounding communities) would agree, we were very impacted. I don't think I know a person who wasn't in some way touched, either personally, or through work, or through friends. It was a massive event that touched so many lives.

Now, I realize the death toll was low and Calgary has been very blessed with a well organized civil service that helped minimize the damages. But still... it is the kind of event that you can't understand until you live through it. Or maybe you can - but I couldn't!

Wes was also deeply affected. Our emotions have been very tied up in the stories, pictures, and conversations with friends. When we saw the "Hell or High Water" slogan we both reacted immediately. I was thrilled that somewhere a clever marketer was able to turn this into a wonderful battle cry! (See advertising can touch lives!!) Wes just loved the spirit of it. He decided we all needed shirts, the whole family. When we got to the Stampede grounds on one of the busiest days of the event we discovered they were all sold out.

When I got home I ordered some online. This family photo was meant to be our statement of solidarity with our fellow Calgarians! We love this city and its people!

But.. when I downloaded the pictures I realized the Davis' all need haircuts! Except Wes, thanks to the buzz cut I gave him a while ago (sorry again Honey).

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer fun

This summer, like last summer, we had very few plans. Swimming lessons, VBS and a few scattered appointments. And yet... we have been so busy!!

We enjoyed the Stampede on Sunday, Wes insisted that we go. In fact, I have to admit as we rolled up to the main gates my mind was still full of images of the whole area underwater, I almost cried. Later on as I muscled my way through crowds or waited for 20 minutes for the pleasure of peeing I again almost cried - but for entirely different reasons.

Gavin is starting Field Lacrosse - he is very excited. His first practice was rained out, fingers crossed for tomorrow night.

The kids are almost done their swimming lessons, two more classes - they are loving it!

The kids and I went to a little man made lake today with some neighborhood friends. Again, I have to say how blessed we have been with wonderful neighbors!

Lots of play with local kids and lots of fun.

Nothing of terrible interest to report.