Monday, December 23, 2013

Annual Christmas card 2013

I am truly sorry for my absence from the blogging world. I have no excuse for myself - just that we have been very busy.

The kids have been doing well and are now happily on their Christmas break. They were getting very tired - so I am hoping they get some rest and maybe bored enough to be happy to go back to school!!

We'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas from our family. God bless you all in 2014!

Love to you all.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The mystery of the tracks in the snow

I was extremely impressed with myself for solving the mystery. So impressed, in fact, that I woke my sleeping husband to tell him. He was slightly less than impressed.

But I'm getting ahead of myself and this story will sound better if I tell it from the beginning, you know the background details.

We have a rather dilapidated fence. It looks rather like a toothless grin with several boards missing. There is a large gate which has been broken since we moved in. We are in a fairly central city location so we try to keep as many vagrants and thieves out (its the rabbits that kill me - seriously - how do I keep them out!). So we have a clever system. A board jammed up against the fence, which is intended to keep the gate from opening. It apparently doesn't work, but perhaps it may slow intruders down?

A couple weekends ago we had fresh snow. The following day I was gazing out my rather dirty kitchen window and saw tracks in the snow. There were lots of rabbit and cat tracks (little lizards!!). But there was one very distinct set of tracks. It came from the back fence, which sat slightly ajar, the board having been dislodged from its duty, right up to the kitchen window and back out the fence again.

I called Wes to see if he had come around the back of the house to grab a tool that may have been sitting by the back kitchen window. It didn't seem likely, since the only thing that is usually in that location is an old barbecue that we haven't got around to discarding yet. But it was worth a try.

Wes had not been in the back yard at all. So we puzzled over it and couldn't figure it out. But it was plain to see we had an intruder.

I tried to dismiss this from my mind but it puzzled me so much. Why would a potential burglar come in the yard and not search around for a point of entry? Like walking up on the deck or going around the side of the house to check basement windows? It was puzzling. Wes had suggested perhaps it was a peeping Tom, but really there isn't much you can see from that spot. You'd have better luck standing across the alley since its sits higher than our fence. So I didn't see the peeping Tom idea either.

But yet there were the tracks...

Several days later, I was laying in bed. Thinking of this and that, unable to sleep. I wasn't thinking about the mystery at all and yet all of a sudden it came to me! I knew who had come into our yard.

I woke Wes up as I turned and exclaimed. "I know who walked in our yard." Wes mumbled something like, "ohyeahh?" I excitedly added, "The ATCO guy." His reader thing must not have been working in the snow so he'd have to come close to read the meter. The meter sits just behind the ancient barbecue that is rusting beneath our kitchen window.

Of course, he just came in looked at the side of the house and left the way he came. Normally their little reader thing works from the alley, but the snow may have interfered. It all made perfect sense to me.

I was extremely proud of my Sherlock Holmes style deductions! All those hours watching mystery shows has finally paid off.

As I said, Wes celebrated  bit less in fact his only reply was a loud snore. Some people don't appreciate the real joys of life.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Late Halloween pictures

I am sorry, for those who have been waiting to see the kids in their costumes - we have been a bit preoccupied lately so I am rather late with these.

Gavin didn't get dressed up ahead of time, like I asked, so I could take a picture of him - oh well. Again, this year they went out with our neighbours, they always have such a blast. This year they really raked in the candy. They stayed out almost two whole hours. Crazy kids!!

Winter is starting to set in and we are hunkering down for the winter.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I hate three o'clock

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and realized that you are the world's worst mother. That you are failing your children sadly and they will regret you for the rest of their lives.

Well, I did last night.

Not sure why, normally I'm quite happy to be an adequate to poor mother, doesn't bug me at all. I figure it will build character in my children. But last night I was just alarmed and vowed to be a better mother today. I would turn over a new leaf, I would be the mother they need.

Good news is - the sun came up... and equilibrium has been restored.

I have spent the morning telling kids to look for their library books later, yelling at them to get their coats on and then neglecting my youngest child while I chatted on the phone with a friend and then frittered away time on the computer.

Whew! Close call. But no worries I'm back to my high level of complacency that gets me through my life.

Perhaps, I should feed the third child...

Or tackle folding all the laundry...

or take a nap?

Friday, October 18, 2013

We are back home

Our whirlwind visit to southern Saskatchewan is over and we are home and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Well, tomorrow is looking pretty brutal, so maybe a relaxing Sunday.

We did a lot during our quick visit. Visited family, had some fun and I even froze my biscuit off in the sub-zero temperatures at the Estevan pool! Yikes!

We have no photos of any one - except the kids. Apparently we can't be trusted. Well, the small camera was dead and we forgot the charger and the big camera is not good indoors, so unless you were outside running around with the kids and Wes there are no pictures of you.

We had a wonderful time and we were hosted so royally by everyone. Thanks to Wes' family as well as mine (that includes you Pippus family) for being so very gracious to us! It was wonderful to see you all and get caught up.

The kids were very sad to return home. They enjoyed their stay so much!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Overdue

This post is long over due and so is the road trip we are about to take. The Davis family is off to Estevan to see family. It has been far too long since we have ventured out that way. I thought Wes would be long done his big house project, but alas it is just at the tail end and it has been a real crunch. The break will be great.

The thing I just love about our kids is that they are SOOOO excited. It doesn't matter where we go really, they aren't fussy at all. They just love to go on adventures - even to southern Saskatchewan.

We hope and pray you all have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. Safe travels if you are on the road.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First days

The kids were back at school today. Gavin has the same teacher as last year and since its a 3/4 split the best ever thing happened. His best buddy and neighbor is in his class this year! (Because of the cut off they are not in the same grade). Wow! What excitement that caused.

Bronwyn is now in the English program and is very excited about her new teacher. Apparently he can talk like Scooby Doo! Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Mari had her first day of Kindergarten. Wow! My baby is in kindergarten. She looked so small going up the steps with her teacher. Big girl that she is!!

They all came home bubbling with excitement about their various days. Great to hear!

Aren't fresh starts lovely!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August happenings

I just realized it has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything.

We had a birthday party for Bronwyn on Thursday. She wanted a swimming party so that is what we did this year. It was a lot of fun and she seemed to enjoy herself.

Gavin has been doing his field lacrosse. Last weekend he had his first field day, this is their opportunity to play in games. He was a bit freaked out by it all and he tended to run away from the play area hoping no one would pass to him! Ha! He's starting to get it though - it will come in time.

Mari has been busy. I asked her if she is excited about school and she said, "Yeah, I go there all the time for Gamo and Bona (how she says Gavin and Bronwyn)." No biggie eh? I don't think that she has grasped the concept yet.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My kids are good!

I have to admit the last week of my life has not been all roses. Not sure why. I think the kids are having mid summer blues and I, well I have been with them 24/7 since the flood shut down the city. So...

On top of that I am not what you might call a "natural" mother. I think I might have been better and more flexible had I birthed my children before getting old and grumpy, but here I am - Old, grumpy and a parent of young children.

The kids have been attending VBS and this year I offered to help, so I have been sticking around. There are 100 kids roughly, give or take a few. I haven't been dealing directly with the kids but still, watching all the manic activity and the running has been exhausting. But it has given me an opportunity to see my kids in action when I'm not the centre of their world. Kind of like spying on them from afar.

When they are with me my kids are happy to give me the gears. They are happy to push me and my patience. They are happy to talk back and be disobedient. But...

With others, they are compliant, good natured, well behaved and good listeners. I am sure they aren't always like that, that they occasionally step out of the lines, but compared to their behaviour at home they are saints!

On one hand this makes me happy. I figure that something of the values we are trying to instill in the kids must be sinking in. But on the other hand, how do I replicate this behaviour at home??

All I can say is I'm proud of my kids - which is saying a lot after the week we just had.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Almost half way

Our summer break is almost half way and I have accomplished nothing. None of the "jobs" I intended to do this summer have been done, and frankly, there is little chance that I'll get to them. So it goes.

The kids start VBS this week. The kids were starting to get a bit antsy and grumpy last week, so I think this a well timed activity.

Just letting you know we are all OK. I'm tired, but we had a nice weekend as a family so I feel revived also. Amazing what a bit of time with a lovely husband can do!

We hope August is as much fun as July. Bronwyn is gearing up for her birthday party, its pretty much all she can talk about. Gavin is enjoying field lacrosse, I think this may be something we continue based on how much fun he is having. Mari is well... Mari is growing like a weed and there are days I still can't believe that my baby is in going into kindergarten! Oh my!

Busy times!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


To say we were affected by the flood in Calgary is an understatement.

Now, we weren't "affected" - in other words, we didn't have any damage nor loss. But as part of this community, and I think all Calgarians (and surrounding communities) would agree, we were very impacted. I don't think I know a person who wasn't in some way touched, either personally, or through work, or through friends. It was a massive event that touched so many lives.

Now, I realize the death toll was low and Calgary has been very blessed with a well organized civil service that helped minimize the damages. But still... it is the kind of event that you can't understand until you live through it. Or maybe you can - but I couldn't!

Wes was also deeply affected. Our emotions have been very tied up in the stories, pictures, and conversations with friends. When we saw the "Hell or High Water" slogan we both reacted immediately. I was thrilled that somewhere a clever marketer was able to turn this into a wonderful battle cry! (See advertising can touch lives!!) Wes just loved the spirit of it. He decided we all needed shirts, the whole family. When we got to the Stampede grounds on one of the busiest days of the event we discovered they were all sold out.

When I got home I ordered some online. This family photo was meant to be our statement of solidarity with our fellow Calgarians! We love this city and its people!

But.. when I downloaded the pictures I realized the Davis' all need haircuts! Except Wes, thanks to the buzz cut I gave him a while ago (sorry again Honey).

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer fun

This summer, like last summer, we had very few plans. Swimming lessons, VBS and a few scattered appointments. And yet... we have been so busy!!

We enjoyed the Stampede on Sunday, Wes insisted that we go. In fact, I have to admit as we rolled up to the main gates my mind was still full of images of the whole area underwater, I almost cried. Later on as I muscled my way through crowds or waited for 20 minutes for the pleasure of peeing I again almost cried - but for entirely different reasons.

Gavin is starting Field Lacrosse - he is very excited. His first practice was rained out, fingers crossed for tomorrow night.

The kids are almost done their swimming lessons, two more classes - they are loving it!

The kids and I went to a little man made lake today with some neighborhood friends. Again, I have to say how blessed we have been with wonderful neighbors!

Lots of play with local kids and lots of fun.

Nothing of terrible interest to report.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The waters are rising

It is hard to find words to describe the last few days in Calgary.

We live in a place that is cold in the winter, expensive to live in and has a really short, mosquito infested summer. But, there is an upside. We rarely get affected by natural disasters. Occasionally a bad hail storm or a real cold day here and there but nothing significant.

Until this week.

We are dry and safe, but if you were to drive on almost any road just 5 or 8 minutes north of us you would see water - everywhere. The pictures of the downtown look like Venice, a very muddy Venice.

It is quite surreal and more than a little scary.

Our concern at this point is for the people on the front lines of the flood. City employees who are working full speed to keep the rest of the city going. The police, army and other emergency crews who are evacuating and keeping the peace. And of course our many friends who have been evacuated some of whom will come home to great devastation.

I do realize it is all just stuff and yes, you are lucky to all be alive. But loss is still loss. It is still heartbreaking. And to sit by and watch this kind of thing happen and know that no one can do anything to stop it, is beyond frustrating.

So for now we wait, watch and pray.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To quote my kid

Yesterday Mari and I were driving around playing eye spy. Its her new favourite game, but its a bit tricky playing with her, cause she doesn't actually have to see something or give the correct colours. So its a bit of a tricky proposition.

We had been playing for some time when the traffic started to get heavy and I felt I needed to pay a bit more attention to the cars and not looking for wild clues. So I turned up the music and said lets listen to a song. She whined a bit but was alright after a bit.

Later she asked if we could play again and I said yes. I said it was her turn. She informed me that she had her turn but I couldn't hear her. "Mom, I already went, I said," and she starts using a week crying sad little voice, "I spy with my wittle eye, somefing that is sad. And the answer was me."

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

It is father's day. The day we are to celebrate fathers. We never do much for these sorts of days, mother's day or really any other "special" day. We have a rather low key approach to things.


I thought I'd mark the day with a comment. I love my Dad!! Like every other daughter out there I think my dad is the best. But really, if you look at it empirically, mine is the best. Technically. But, I don't want to start an argument so we'll leave it at that.

And I'm very proud of my husband too. By the time our kids grow up they will be able to say the same thing about there Dad that I say about mine!

I'm thankful to God daily for these men!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was never able to give my friends advice on romance and dating. Mostly, because, well... when they were all getting married I still hadn't figured out that not all boys were just like brothers. I was a bit of a late bloomer (or a fat head - not sure which).

This doesn't mean I wasn't an expert in romance, unfortunately I was an expert in 17th century romance, not as useful in today's society.

But now... now... I am an expert. Well, as much of an expert as a horribly pragmatic person who happens to be married to the least romantic man alive can be, but still I think I am now qualified.

I know several young women who are getting married this summer and it has put me into the mood for handing out unwelcome advice. My sage wisdom is obviously not targeted at these young ladies as if they have chosen to get married it is too late for them. But there may be other avid readers of my blog who have been longing to hear my perspective on this issue.

As I said, I am an expert on romance. Not the tawdry Harlequin crappy romance, but the smart clever and funny romances - Jane Austen and... well pretty much just Jane Austen but she rocks!

After over ten years of marriage when I now watch a romantic movie or read a book where the characters fall for one another, I have more opinions than I would have years ago. Here are a couple of my thoughts - an appetizer of sorts.

1. The strong silent type is the most attractive. The problem with this is that they don't talk - no really it isn't that they are just good listeners and will give you all the attention in the world. They don't like to converse, have conversations or in any other way engage with words. Trust me I KNOW! They are still very attractive you just have to be comfortable with talking for two (something that comes pretty naturally to me).

2. You don't need him to give you flowers or gifts to show his affection. The problem with this one is that once they marry you men typically stop doing this sort of thing - so milk it while you can!

3. Most men have hidden depths that only the love of their life will discover. The problem is frankly, most men are WYSIWYG - what you see if what you get. If their depths are hidden they likely aren't there at all. So decide if you like what you see, cause its what you'll end up with.

4. A man that will change for you is a great catch. Frankly if a guy has to change for you then why are you with him. Do him a favour and yourself one too, find someone you can respect enough as he is.

See - all these great gems of advice rolling around in my head and nothing to do with them. Sheesh!

It beats my usual advice that if you want to ensure that you are happy you should find a Wes Davis to marry - it worked for me!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Where did March go?

These week sees another month become a memory. Where does the time go?

Just the other day I was starting to pack lunches and wondering how we would ever get through another year of school. And here we are, it is almost over.

We are like most people, busy. But, perhaps we are a little less busy than others - I don't cope well with a hectic schedule. I like a measured and some what carefree life. If we don't have time to read, watch movies and do generally fun things then what is the point?

We are outside a lot more now and if I can remember to take the camera I'll get some pictures to share.

I am feeling pensive tonight and there are many thoughts I could write about, but I seem to be unable to get a firm grasp on single thoughts so they'll continue to fly around, undisciplined!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is the weekend...

that the Davis family learns to bike!

Gavin was riding his bike last summer, but was having a hard time starting and stopping. Mainly because I bought a bike that was too big for him (ahem). Last night he tried his bike for the first time this year. I helped him get going and that was it. He is riding like a pro. He's riding as confidently as a kid who has been doing it for three years!! Ataboy!

Bronwyn's little bike was broken so we needed to get her a new one. A neighbor offered one of their old bikes. I was worried because it didn't have training wheels, but she seemed to want it. We brought it home and I helped her for about two minutes in front of our house. When daddy got home she asked if he'd help her. So out they went.

I was inside with Mari, who was still getting suited up. They were out for about 5 minutes. Gavin came in and yelled, "Mom, Bronwyn is riding her bike with Dad just jogging beside her." I grabbed a camera and ran.

She is still having some steering and getting started issues, I think the bike is a bit heavy for her. But once again she has amazed us!! She is so determined and just works so hard. I never thought getting my little girl (heart condition and all) to balance on a bike would be so easy. Specially after the drama of trying to teach Gavin to ride a bike (sorry buddy).

Mari has been flying on her little run bike, her balance is amazing and she has no fear. So she'll be riding in no time, I just don't want to get her a normal bike until Bronwyn has had her turn to get comfortable.

I'm going to need to get myself a bike now so I can keep up. I just need to find a really wide seat for my ample butt!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change can be a good thing... ?

Saturday will go down in our family annuls as, "not one of Mommy's best days." Before I start, in my defense, I was exceptionally tired. Gavin has been waking up in the night with bad dreams for a while now and Friday night was quite a long night!

Gavin was difficult Saturday morning, which was great since his Dad had to go meet with some clients. So I was left, over tired and negotiating a terribly cranky (and in his defence - sickish) kid.

We made it through that, but I was just not feeling myself. There were kids in and out of the house, mostly out.

Finally Wes came home and we had a quick lunch. I decided to have a bath. I wanted to shave my legs as we were going "out." Our neighbors had insisted that we go out, they gave us a gift card to a near bye restaurant and insisted that they would also babysit. Cause they are great like that!

I turned on the water but before I could undress the neighbors came up to our door to admire Bronwyn's brand new scooter (which she is very proud of by the way). I popped out to chat a bit. When I came in I looked at Wes and my face dropped, "The Bath!" I yelled! Wes just shook his head slowly and said, "I turned it off." Whew - disaster averted.

I usually trim Wes' hair for him. He had borrowed Dad's hair buzzer set (whatever they are called). So we sat down, since the kids were all outside and set him up for a hair cut. I am not a hair dresser, in fact I always laugh that I have only one hair cut in my arsenal. I stick a 1/2 inch guard on the buzzer thing and just trim his hair - short back and sides.

Apparently, as I learned, I have two hair cuts in my arsenal.

I got everything plugged in and fiddled with this and that and then starting at the top of his head I took a long swath of hair. It took about 1/2 a second to realize that I had not put a guard on the buzzer. I was staring at a long bald strip down my husband's head. I gasped!! His hand flew up and he laughed and asked what I was doing.

Well, he took it very well - I however, cried and well...

There was no choice, we couldn't hide it. It would take a Donald Trump type comb over to cover the damage and Wes' hair wasn't that long!

So, Wes now has a VERY short back and sides cut! He looks like he is just home from on weekend leave from the army (well maybe they have more hair than he does). Or, that we were treating him for lice! Either way - it was my fault!

We went on our date and I am glad to say that even with his hair buzzed off my husband is still the sexiest man I know!

This morning Mari said, "Mommy, I miss Daddy's hair. When will it come back?"

Soon Mari, soon... I hope.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A display of the health system at its best

When Bronwyn was born I worried a lot. There is often a lot of news coverage about the failing of our health care system. Long waits, inappropriate treatments and other horrors. I had never needed more than a surface understanding of our medical system, and I certainly had not required more than basic services.

We were amazed at how efficiently and quickly the system worked for us. I have occasionally tried to explain to people how the system is set up, but it was truly a bit confusing to me. I knew it was a large network and there was a base of  collaboration and communication.

I found this video while surfing on You Tube. It helps explain the system very well. Oh and many of our favourite doctors are interviewed, as well as many of our favourite staffers are shown in the video. A nicely put together video that shows just how world class the care our children are receiving.

Its a little long, but it is really worth the watch.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Davis family trip

The Davis family was looonng over due for a family vacation. After a very difficult year we decided that we needed a nice break. We flew to Houston to stay with our close friends Mike and Andrea Reid.

They run the nicest Hotel near Houston. We recommend it highly! They are the most gracious hosts and we enjoyed our stay.

I may try upload a few more picts but here are a couple for now.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Busy world

We've been busy! Really busy! Well... I've been busy.

I found this very sleepy dragon in my house one day!

My lovely husband gave me roses! Isn't he wonderful!

Our little scholar!

Gavin playing chess with his Grandpa!

I have been working from home some. It may not be for too long, I'm just not sure at the moment. I got a call from the company I used to work with, before kids. And they asked if I'd be able to help out for a while.

It has been interesting and well, fairly nice to be back in the old loop again. Many of the people I used to work with are still there - they are "good people."

So far it is working well with life and kids and I'm still able to do Wes' stuff.

It wasn't something I was looking for, but sometimes good things come looking for you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Facebook chat

I had a facebook chat with a friend, rather publicly on a link I had posted. In case this friend is reading, there was nothing wrong with the discussion AT ALL, it just caused me to reflect and think.

I think, and maybe I am misinformed, but I am speaking from my experiences over the last several years... As I said, I think that there are some misconceptions about Congenital Heart Defects.

The heart is very mechanical, for lack of a better word. The fixes for many of the congenital heart defects are also pretty mechanical. When people ask about Bronwyn, I laughingly say that the conditioned wasn't fixed but that she's been jerryrigged. I elaborate that the plumbing of her heart has been adjusted. Now this is a gross over simplification, but, people don't understand the complexity of the situation, so I don't bother most times.

The most common misunderstanding is that after her surgeries she has been "fixed." Well, she has in a way, but not in a cure kind of way. There are some CHDs that can be cured by a surgery but many surgery is just part of the on-going treatment.

Many kids have issues with other areas of their heart of other organs all together.

What I have found tough, is that even if you find a child that has the exact same set of conditions as another on paper, the journey they take can be extremely varied. It is the unknown element. The little missing piece that decides whether a child can flourish despite their condition or whether they struggle.

What this is I for one don't know? I do know that if medical people could figure it out they would. They would love to see ever CHD case be a success.

Do I have answers? No.

It is just part of the complexity of these conditions and it bears discussion. Discussion and awareness are always a good thing! Always.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Brag a little

I didn't ask permission to share this news story. But... I think I'll just do it and apologise if I have over-stepped. We are pretty proud of Josh and his teammates!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh the drama!

There are certain things you are exposed to as the mother of daughters that you likely never deal with if you only have sons. I am not sure these things are worse or better, but they likely involve more drama.

Today was Bronwyn's dress rehearsal for ballet. Full costume and make-up. Now, if I was a normal mom who got up in the morning and did my face and hair this wouldn't have been such a big deal. But, I don't do my hair, I have a touque for that. And... I have gone from wearing make-up only on Sundays to only wearing it for funerals and weddings. As a result I had to go buy make-up for Bronwyn. I couldn't use six year old mascara on my lovely child (even if I'd use it on myself  - ahem).

I took the list of required items to the store. The red lipstick was a bit of a problem. I mean, what kind of red? So I searched until I found one called - RED. Not passion red, or cherry, or very raspberry bloom. No it was called red! No one could accuse me of getting the wrong colour that way. I picked blush the same way, it was called Light Pink.

So I dropped a substantial amount of money at the drug store on make-up for my girls. Yes, I got a few items for Mari too. If I hadn't there would have been even more drama!

The girls were soooo excited to have make-up. I threatened them to leave it alone and that they were never to touch it, Mommy was the only one who could decide when and how it was to be used.

I gave myself a lot of time to get the girls ready. Mari is in the junior show but she still needs her hair in a bun and the tiniest bit of make-up (just a bit of blush). Hair was the easy part.

Bronwyn was just shaking with excitement and kept asking if she could get the make-up. I said no, took a deep breath, retrieved the bags of contraband and sat down to collect my thoughts.

I had her sit on the coffee table in front of me and I very carefully started to apply a bit of foundation (as the instructions required). Then a light dusting of powder. So far, so good. In fact, this was a bit fun. Then Bronwyn said, "OK, Mom are we done now?"

The bubble burst as I said, "No honey, we have just got started."

Next, the eyes. Eye shadow not so hard. Eye liner trickier. Had to redo some of the eyeshadow to help cover the mistakes made on the little fidgety eye lids. "Not that again." Sighed Bronwyn. We were apparently never going to be done.

So, now the thing I had been dreading all day. Mascara! A light hand, careful so careful. Almost there. Oooohh, not bad if I do say so. I put the sticky thing down and Bronwyn unused to the feeling lifted her hand and rubbed her eye! I yelled, "No, don't touch your eyes." She started and started to cry. Now I yelled, "No, don't cry." She shut her eye and smeared the now wet makeup all over.

It was at this point that Wes walked into the house.

This is what he overheard, "No crying, stop. If you don't stop I'm going to pull you out of ballet and put you in soccer. There is no makeup in soccer!" Finally, after a few deep breaths we both calmed down, we washed up the offending black smudges and started with touch ups.

I pulled out the eye shadow and she said, "Not that again."

Finally, it was Mari's turn...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter fun

I downloaded some photos from my big camera and was shocked by how many photos I have actually taken lately. Here are some winter fun shots. Gavin has been enjoying playing street hockey with his dad. Mari likes to chase the ball - she's part golden retreiver.

Wes & I took Bronwyn and Mari skating today while Gavin was playing at the neighbors. Mari has really never been on skates before so this was her first shot at it. Bronwyn hasn't been on skates since last year. I was seriously proud of both of them. They did great!


Saturday, January 05, 2013

Recent conversation

I had this conversation with Mari just before Christmas.

Me - Mari, lets go into this store so we can get Robbie his Christmas present.
Mari - I know what we should get Robbie.
Me - What?
Mari - Flowers.
Me - I dunno honey. I'm not sure Robbie would be thrilled to get flowers for Christmas.
Mari - He would.
Me - No. Mari, sorry but we are not getting him flowers.
Mari - Mommy?
Me - Yes.
Mari - Why do I have such an old Mom?
Me - Well, I guess I'm just the age I am. You are stuck with me.
Mari - Mommy? Why do I have such a mean old mom?
Me - Mari? Why do I have such a mean daughter?
Mari - I'm not mean, you mean.
Me - (to myself) I am not having this argument with a four year old! (to Mari) OK, come with me, lets go shopping.

I thought I'd wait at least until the early teens for these kind of conversations. Oh well.

Just thought it was kind of a fun story.