Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May starts tonight

May and June can be very busy months, if we let them... which this year we did. To explain, we let our kids join soccer this year, well two of them. Bronwyn can't because she has dance on the same night. So even though it is still April it all starts tonight.

5:30 - Bronwyn Ballet
6:30 - Mari Soccer
7:30 - Gavin Soccer

Not sure when we will eat or how we will get everyone where they need to go, but it will happen. It just requires two adults and flexible kids.

It is our only really busy night of the week, so I am not complaining. We just aren't rush around kind of people. We have done it by times, but it doesn't really suit us. We are ride your bike in front of the house, while mom putters around in the garden kind of people. So, I'll put on my efficient mommy hat and pretend that I enjoy this - which I don't!! And... we are off to the races.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter weekend

The kids have a couple days off here, which is lovely. They could all use the rest right now to be honest. They are all pretty tired.

It is snowing today so they are indoors and Wes is also working on the house - mudding etc. So I am trying to keep them downstairs. There is to be honest quite a bit of fighting and send to rooms etc. We've lost an ipod, OH HEAVENS WHAT SHALL WE EVER DO!!!

I'm thinking that today is one of those days we just have to live through. As my Grandma used to say, This too will pass. And so it shall, hopefully with minimal casualties.

Last weekend was not warm, but it wasn't snowing, so the kids were on their bikes. Bronwyn picked up from last summer and is doing great. Mari is also on a regular bike now. After a few pushes up the street by Dad she is riding on her own. She just struggles with getting started, figuring out how to push and get on the go. It will come. We are pretty impressed with how she is doing!

I'm hoping we can get the walls primed soon, so the lengthy process of mudding and sanding can be over! Its getting close... so close... and yet so far...

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring break

We made it through spring break. It wasn't really "spring" break this year. Well, honestly it never is!

Gavin had a lacrosse camp most of the week, which he really enjoyed and he also took a couple ski lessons, which he loved. I'm so pleased that he is enjoying a couple sports, just don't know why he had to pick such an expensive one (skiing), maybe he could take up yachting next?? The girls do activities all winter, but Gavin has had nothing on this year. So he crammed everything into one week! Ha!

Wes and Gavin also took a snowboard lesson. I asked Gavin how Wes did and he said, "Well," big sigh, "he fell a LOT." I'm just so proud of Wes! So proud that he is willing to try new things and spend time with his boy!

The girls had a more relaxed week, we still did lots of fun stuff, just more casual fun stuff.

We were all a bit bummed to be back at school, but they love it and the routine is good for them. And, I finally got my laundry folded. It is amazing how my time gets sucked away when they are home. But, they are pretty good company!

Mari and I are off to Ikea with a friend. I'd say a friend of mine, but Mari loves her to bits, so she would take exception to that!!

Oh and I finally downloaded pictures and found some! Wow! I guess I do take pictures, I just forget.