Friday, July 25, 2008


The kids and I have just returned from a very nice camping trip with my Mom and Dad. We didn't go far from town, which was good since I had to come in yesterday for a doctor's appointment. It was super nice. Gavin has been asking his Daddy and Grandpa to take him fishing forever. So finally Pops took him fishing. Gavin was very excited by it and taken with it - even if his actual fishing time was minimal. Bronwyn went hunting for different flora and fauna with Grandma while the boys fished.

I had expected pretty ugly weather for the whole trip but other than Wednesday night we had beautiful weather. Pops made the kids a fire last night and they tried roasting marshmallows. Bronwyn didn't really enjoy that activity so much - I think she can't see the sense in wrecking a perfectly good marshmallow by cooking it.

The whole experience was great fun and the kids are just exhausted tonight - even after a nap on the way home.

I feel tired but very refreshed. The kids napped yesterday afternoon and Mom and I sat outside and chewed the fat. It was truly relaxing. My only regret is that Wes wasn't able to come as someone has to worry about feeding the family and paying the bills. Next time we will make sure Daddy comes too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Still here

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. We are still here and still doing fine. The kids are having a nice summer. Last week was pretty iffy for weather. There has been quite a bit of thundershowers which has kept them indoors more than they would like.

We had a lovely weekend though. Tom, Pam and kids are down visiting with Mom and Dad. We spent Saturday and Sunday with them. Bronwyn has bonded with her big cousin Kennedy. Jared, Josh and Kennedy were just my kids age - yesterday!! I am sure it was just yesterday. Now they are big kids and they are so good with their little cousins. Being able to spend time as a whole family is truly a blessing. I have such great nieces and nephews and it is so fun to see all the adults engage with the kids. It is truly exciting.

The gang had an enormous water fight yesterday - which I think Uncle Tom started - is that right? Yeah - I'll blame Uncle Tom. Uncle Jon took over the middle of the fight and Uncle Wes finished it off. Are you seeing a trend!! The kids have so much energy and stamina it takes three uncles taking turns to handle them. Everyone was soaked by the end. There were wet t-shirts lying all over the deck - which Gavin felt obliged to keep wet by continuing to shoot them with water.

The Lawrence family came over in the evening too - so there were kids spanning every age. We are glad to have Shibu and Claudia and kids home safely from their trip to Guatemala.

I don't think we were 300 yards out of Mom and Dad's driveway last night before Gavin was asleep. We are headed off now to a little water park with Max and his Mommy. Bronwyn is very anti-water shooting activity so this should be fun!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A visit with the Pippus family

Tim and Sara and girls stayed at my folks for a couple nights and we got to spend some time with them. These are some of the people that I love most in the world so it was a real joy for me. My kids LOVED the girls. We went to the zoo among other things. What a nice couple days. We are all very tired now. The kids were grouchy and tired today so I kept them close to home, with a movie or two and some backyard play. I find they need that every now and then - and so does Mommy.

We'd like to welcome Samuel Hiller to the world. The little man arrived late Sunday night. We are so thrilled for Drew and Erin - they will be such wonderful parents. I haven't seen pictures yet because my bleep bleep email is acting up!! AGAIN!

We are expecting a pretty quiet week. Mom and Dad have gone to Saskatchewan with Jon and family. It seems like everyone else we know in Calgary is also gone or leaving. Really I think we are the only people left in Calgary.

Gavin is anxious for his good buddy Max to get home from his vacation. So far we have been busy enough that it hasn't been a big issue - but I am not sure when they are home and with Pops and Grandma gone - well it may be an issue soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008

On a roll

Hey - I am on a blogging role these days!! Look at me.

I had Bronwyn up to the hospital yesterday for a follow-up clinic. She saw the hearing specialist, a psychologist and a pediatrician. They all said that she seems to be doing very very well. Her speech is a bit behind - but no one seems alarmed at this point. They will send us a report with the full details in a bit but they were all very positive. I was very pleased because she even told the psychologist her knock knock joke.

While I was up at the hospital I poked my head in on our Church friends Kari and Drew. Drew is under a year old and is suffering from seizures. The doctors can't seem to figure out what is causing the seizures and it is a very scary and frustrating for both Kari and Jordan. I asked Kari today if she minded if I requested prayers on their behalf. For those of you who pray, please pray now for this family. They are walking down a path that is in many ways much scarier than the one we were on. There is so much uncertainty. I know they will appreciate the support and courage that comes from knowing that many are praying on their behalf.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer fun

Here is a swack of photos - they really show most of our activities over the last week. We didn't take any pictures of our Canada Day celebrations - except for the kids in their clean Canada Day shirts. They didn't look as white by the end of the evening.

We took them out to Joan's to watch the fireworks in Airdrie - they do their fireworks in the park right across from her street. I was worried that Bronwyn would be afraid but she loved it - she squealed and clapped and laughed. It was really cute. I was also worried that both kids wouldn't see the fireworks because of the late start time but they did. That is the problem with having Canada Day in July - if they do fireworks they can't really start any time before 10:30ish (and that is here in Calgary - it gets later as you go North).

I managed to get some house work done today. For most people this wouldn't be worth noting - but for me it truly is a monumental event. Between being physically tired and really hating housework it just never seems a priority.

The kids and I are pleased with our little garden that we planted - everything we planted is growing - some was even planted from seed. It isn't elaborate just a tiny little patch - but it is enough for the kids to get a sense of garden fun - which means digging for worms, right??

We truly hope you are all enjoying some sun and fun.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I should have said HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Summer days

Wow - we have been busy - but really doing nothing remarkable. Just goofing off here and there. We met some friends on Friday at a park and the kids played and had a blast. The park had a water play park which was great fun - for all but Bronwyn! She is not pro squirting water. She loves the little kiddie pool in the back yard and will splash and goof off - but just don't squirt her with a water gun or the hose or well really anything!

Gavin also found a very wee little caterpillar the other day in the yard and played with his new buddy for well... a long time. Until the lucky caterpillar made his escape! He is getting far more gentle than he used to be. I remember when he was two he played with a beetle all afternoon - the poor beetle didn't make it. Gavin started asking - hey why isn't he moving?
We also had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house - Gavin has been begging to do this.

My world right now is full of little discoveries and big wonder. If I can force myself to slow down and try to relate to what the kids are seeing it really is pretty amazing.