Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Jane Eyre moment

If you have read Jane Eyre you'll remember the scene with the big tree. If you haven't read Jane Eyre, there is a large tree by which Jane & Rochester "come to an understanding," or in a more corny version "confess their love." After which, there is a storm and the large tree is hit by lightening and destroyed. It becomes the foreshadowing event for their relationship.

I had a Jane Eyre moment this morning. On Saturday Wes made the kids a swing.

It started like this. I heard the girls playing and very excited. Mari came in the house looking for her bike helmet and said, "Bronwyn and I made a swing. Daddy said we can use it if we use our helmets." I figured that meant it wasn't the best of structures.

Before too long Wes had gathered a few materials together and made them a very rustic tree swing.

Oh my they were happy! So excited.



I was a bit concerned since that tree isn't the strongest in the world and I was sure the very large branch/trunk would come down on their heads. I had a sense of foreboding. Well, I could claim foresight if it wasn't for my usual pessimistic anxiety.

The kids think their dad is a super hero when he does stuff like that for him. I thought he was a super hero cause he finally cut the grass in the back yard! I cleaned out the gardens, the kids picked apples. We brought in everything we could since we were hearing that our temperatures might drop below freezing. Some people even used the "s" word.

Sunday was beautiful and hot, +27, but we were at Grandmas so our gardens just enjoyed the day off.

Monday was rainy, cloudy and cold. By the time the kids returned from school the snow had started and they insisted on playing outside. I wouldn't let them play on the swing in case the extra snow might make the tree unstable.

Tuesday morning there was snow everywhere. Wet heavy snow. As I came into the kitchen I saw that two of the largest tree branches were down. On across our deck and one over the fence into the back alley. This became a concern since I wasn't sure the garbage trucks would get by (Tuesday is garbage day). Wes went to rent a chain saw from home depot. I went and took a picture of the poor wee swing laying on the ground.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First day of school

I know spring should be the season on new beginnings but for me it has always been fall. I love fall. I love leaves and harvests and the smells and the crispness. I love it. This year it does seem to have come rather quickly, but I still love it.

And for the first time a very long time I am alone, not for the whole day but for part of the day I'm alone. All by myself! What to do...

Gavin is in Grade 5, Bronwyn Grade 3, and Mari Grade 1. So I have a partially empty nest.

I am terribly tempted to run errands so I can drive by the school at recess and spy on them. Creepy? Yes, I know I probably wont. Probably.

Sigh, a new chapter for all of us.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saskatchewan trip

The whole Davis family, including Wes headed off to Saskatchewan for a short visit. We went all the way to the eastern edge of the province, and we made many stops along the way. In fact our first pee break was in Strathmore!

Jon and Cindy have been asking us for ages to come to their cabin. So we finally made the trek. Jon took us out on the lake in his boat the kids showed us their knee boarding skills. Gavin agreed to give it a try (much to his parents shock). He didn't get up on his knees but he hung on well and did a great job. Bronwyn was most emphatic about the fact that she did not want to do it. Mari did want to try but Uncle Jon refused to let her until she could swim better.

The following day we back tracked and drove to Fort Qu'Appelle  for a family reunion of sorts. I forgot my camera (well the one with a charged battery - ahem) so I have no pictures, but it was great fun. Gavin hit it off with Kellen my cousin Ian's oldest. Mari continues to talk about "that girl, you know the one who lives on the farm and has a broken arm." (AKA Aunt Mary)

We got home from that trip exhausted and determined never to leave home again. The kids loved being with Robbie and Carissa so it was a big hit and they are determined to go again. Yeah!

Yesterday we had the wonderful pleasure of a visit with Wes' niece Lilly. OH WHAT A CUTIE!! She is so unbelievably cute! We so appreciate their visit.

And now...

one more day before school starts. Sigh!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Just in case you thought that there were only Davis children in Jasper (and Banff).

Monday, August 18, 2014

A few more pictures

I couldn't resist. We just had so much fun!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jasper trip

We have just returned from Jasper. We had a wonderful time. Our only sadness was that Daddy couldn't come with us, so we were a bit disappointed with that, but such is life.

Here are a few quick pictures - I took so many its hard to decide. We went with Mom and Dad again and I cannot say enough about what wonderful sports they were! Simply wonderful.

It is so great to see the kids enjoying a place where I spent so much of my childhood. Its quite a lovely feeling.

We are home now and very tired. Off to bed!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Busy July

July has been terribly busy for us. So. Much. Going. on.

Here are some pictures of the kids.