Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Family break

We decided very last minute to take a quick break as a family. Wes found himself with a few days off and (believe it or not) it coincided with a break from school. So we packed everyone up and went to Edmonton for a couple nights and then on to Edson for two nights.

In Edmonton we did the mall, mini-golf, water park, galaxy land, visited with family. So much fun!

Then on to Edson where we stayed with my best friend Ali and her family. We had so much fun with them. The kids got on famously and it was so nice to spend a couple days getting caught up.

We came home tired and not ready for school. But the good news is it feels like spring in Calgary. So that is a plus.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Accidental Life

I hear a lot of people talk about living an "intention life." I know that, particularly the more earnest of them, mean living their life with their overarching focus always in mind. And I applaud the effort but I hate the phrase "intentional." Most people who have this view use it in their attempt to follow the will of God, which again I hugely applaud, being of a very like mind.

In the first place it is awkward and unnecessarily vague, which coming from me is saying a lot!

My far more serious objection is that it appears to be about control. If I can keep my focus on God and my divine purpose I will only do things that fit into that definition. I will make ever choice carefully and correctly. Again in theory this is excellent.

But theory and reality are two different things. Some times our missteps take us down roads we would never have taken. Some times accidents can change our trajectory for the good or the bad, but regardless change who we are and how we cope.

I for one am tired of this measured and careful approach to life, in may work for others but not for me.

Maybe if we all accepted that we don't know what tomorrow brings and that we can't control what it brings we could just embrace the moment and accept what life throws at us.

As I sit writing this my life looks nothing like what I planned. I guess its my accidental life!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is almost here

Christmas finally arrived at the Davis house. The tree arrived yesterday and the decorations went up today. And the kids are off school and the presents have all been wrapped and I had my Dad take our annual family Christmas card photo. So here we are. We'd love to have you comment and hear from you where ever you all. Merry Christmas and God bless you all and all your homes!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

So good

I eat yogurt, because it is good for me. Not because I like it. That was... until I discovered Krema Yogurt. I didn't buy the low fat or no fat version. I bought the full fat flavoured yogurt and GOSH, is it good.

Check it out. Yummy!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Playing with light

The girls posed for me the other day. The light coming in our front window was pretty interesting so we had a quick photo shoot. I didn't even brush their hair!! HAHA!
My son didn't participate, he was sick. We've all been sick. He is just the last one to go through it - poor boy!

Here are a couple shots of my girlies.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

In remembrance

In my mind I still see it
The kind old face
The wire-back chairs

I feel it
The hot sun on my skin
The wetness at the back of my neck

I smell it
The faint waft of tropical flowers
The strong smell of a cigar

The smoke from the cigar circling up gently
The grey haired man smiling gently
His voice soft

I also remember the warnings
NEVER ask your Granddad about the war
DO not talk about it

Yet here we are
In a quiet garden
Thousands and thousands of miles away from his home country

Surrounded by his memories

He shares his memories
He speaks softly
without bitterness
with wisdom

I feel so blessed
My young heart not even truly recognizing the value

I'm so naïve
Life hasn't hit me yet
Heartache is a concept

He shares his memories

My mind swims
Some things I can see, imagine
Some I can't


Time has passed
I'm older
a bit more scarred

And yet I've never lived through a war as they did
But we've had our own battles
Our own losses

Now I remember

I sit in my home with my children
surrounded by noise
and I remember

An old man who shared

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Special visitor

We had a very special visitor this week. My cousin Coleen came to see us on her way to Houston. I realize it doesn't seem like we are a logical stop on the way to Houston, but I guess if you are coming from Africa you are close enough.

I was enjoying my time so much that I neglected documenting it with photos. The kids actually got more photos than I did. Here is one of the kids and Coleen taken last night, unfortunately it is a bit blurry, but well...

It was such a joy to get to spend sometime with Col. It is such a rare occurrence when we get to spend time with our Africa family that it is extremely precious! We are very thankful that she went out of her way to add us to her excursion.