Friday, April 17, 2015

Deeper thoughts

I have had some struggles lately. Little things. Lots of little bumps that make the road feel rocky. Lots of feeling sorry for myself moments.

Yesterday I got news. Tragic news. A friend from my childhood, from my past suffered a very tragic death. A shocking thing. Yet my life chugs on, bumps and all.

My children are healthy. My husband loves me. My bank account while almost empty has enough for food and shelter. The trees have buds and the grass is beginning to green.

Somewhere three young girls have to learn how to live without their mom.

All I can do is pray. Ask God to heal their hurt and pain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terrible blogger

I am the worst blogger these days. I don't even write blogs in my mind any more. Yikes!!

Take it to mean that we are happy well and relatively drama free.

The kids are enjoying our early spring. Bikes have been out for almost a month - they have been snowed on a few times, but still!!

Wes is busy working.

I am well, not sure what I am doing. I appear to be at a bit of a crossroads trying hard to figure out what my goals and direction in life should be. But no fear I'm sure I can put off any major decisions for at least a year or so!

Trust we are well. And if I ever think of anything interesting to say I will be sure to stop by.