Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I need to take pictures

My apologies, I have been just horrible about taking pictures lately. I hope to get a couple soon and post them. But for now...

Bronwyn had her yearly cardiology check-up yesterday. Everything is great. I suspected there were no problems as we haven't been seeing and worrying symptoms, but it is wonderful to have the confirmation.

We have less than a week left of our summer holiday. Soon we will be back to the routine. I am excited for the kids. Bronwyn can't wait to be back at school. Mari is super excited to start preschool and Gavin, well, he is resentful and not keen to go back. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad I guess.

The girls will both be doing ballet this fall and Gavin will continue with karate. We are taking a break from piano and other activities. We had such a crazy summer, Daddy was so busy that I figure we need to get back into things slowly. Maybe spend some evening time as a family.

August has just zipped by. Not sure I'm ready for school, but here it comes ready or not!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bronwyn is six

I intended to take a picture of our birthday girl. In fact, she was organizing a photo with her brother and sister when she got knocked in the nose by accident. I took the shot but she was, by the time my finger pressed go, in full cry. Not appropriate for a birthday shot.

Will try to take and post one tomorrow.

I can be easily emotional for any of my kids birthdays. There is so much to be thankful for, so much to remember of our joy when first meeting each one. Bronwyn's birthday has a bit more drama and emotional baggage wrapped up in it. But then we are so keenly aware of God's blessings for the same reason.

All I can say is we continue to be thankful for her. Each year.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Swimming lessons

We are mid swimming lessons. The kids have finished off one week and have one more to go. I am so thrilled with how they are doing. Bronwyn is putting her head full in the water and enjoying it!! Gavin is starting to show signs of early front crawl and backstroke. And Mari, well, Mari agreed that she would stay with her instructor today so she made some strides too. She has no fear and gets a bit bored with the other three year olds in her class and likes to make her own fun. I spoke to her about it and she did so much better today.

We are still having a pretty quiet summer. Taking advantage of playing with friends and hanging around the city. Wes is still working pretty flat out, but hopefully only for a few more weeks! We miss Daddy, but we are so very very proud of him.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer too. God's blessings.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sick a bed with my feet out the window

My Grandpa used to say that - no idea what it means, but I have been sick. The whole family got sick. Mari first and then as she got better the rest of us fell. I was last to go and last to recover.

This has created a certain amount of difficulty and well, enlightenment. Mari has been rather unsupervised. And I have figured out who is responsible for 95% of the mess in this house.

I tried to talk Mari into being useful, "You can be our nurse." I coached her. She started grabbing at her sister and trying to pull her out of bed and as Bronwyn refused she yelled, "I'm the nurse, get up now!" Later she came to be and gently stroking my brow she leaned over and looked in my eyes and said in a rather jaunty voice, "How you boy?" As my Mom said, not sure the health system could endure her.

Good news is almost everyone is on the mend. I am hoping I'll be in the pink tomorrow. Rather ticked off that I wasn't fine today actually. Bit of a nuisance this sick stuff.

Oh well. Nothing to be done I suppose. The sooner I'm better the sooner Nurse Mari can retire.