Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Around and about

We are all slowly recovering from our respective colds. I also started back at work Monday - just from home doing contract/project work. I am just trying to figure out the balance of what will work with my life. Mom is helping me where needed - yeah for Grandma.

By the way, check out Bronwyn's shirt in the picture! Mel gave it to me - cute eh?

Dad found this news story the other day. It is about the girl Melissa that I asked you all to pray for about a year ago. She was waiting for a transplant at that time. Before we left the Stollery the first time she had been put on the Berlin Heart (amazing technology). I think I also reported that her heart had nearly healed when we returned for Bronwyn's second surgery.

This technology helped give her the time and energy for her body to heal itself. Her family is thankful for the Berlin heart but I am sure they are even more thankful for the prayers that were prayed for their daughter.

These are exciting times. I know I have mentioned it but the surgical team in Edmonton is amazing. They continue to evaluate and make little changes trying to improve their techniques and results. During Bronwyn's second surgery they made one subtle change to the way it is normally done. Dr. Rebeyka explained this to me and when I told my cardiologist in Calgary she was simply amazed at how creative and inventive the team is.

I was thinking about starting a Dr. Rebeyka fan club - I don't know what we would do though. So maybe not.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've been thinking about the good samaritan

This is in no way a theological approach, nor even an overly well researched point - just my personal feelings.

I have at some points in my life struggled with the basic vapidness of my existence. I have watched others go off and do great things for God and humanity. I hear tales on shows like Oprah etc. where people do exceptional things. It used to cause me to feel several things. 1st - regret: If I truly was the christian that I want to be I'd be out blazing a trail for God. 2nd - jealousy: I'd feel a bit jealous of those who have the guts to do the things that I haven't done. 3rd - guilt: For no particular reason - I just always like to throw guilt in to any situation (what can I say I'm female).

Earlier this winter something hit me. Now this likely isn't earth shattering news for you - but it truly was for me. I thought about the good Samartian. He is the person that many look to as the best guide for helping mankind. He stopped when no one else would and helped an injured and hurt man. He went above and beyond the call of duty. What really hit me as I thought about it this time was that he didn't pursue the opportunity.

What was the good Samaritan doing? Living his life, going about his business. In fact, he put the man he helps in a hotel goes off to do his job or whatever and comes back later to check on him.

Why did this hit me so hard? Well, I realized that God works in many ways and that what we really need to do is work on our spirit. We need to become the kind of person that helps instinctively. Also the kind of person that is open to opportunities. I don't need to do something radical with my life. I need to do something radical with my spirit.

I am not advocating against change or against any effort to help in a way that may take you away from your home comforts - these are all good things. What I am trying to communicate is the struggle that I went through in finding meaning in my own day to day life.

I guess in short I see my job as being willing and the rest is up to God.

I can now celebrate with others who are pushing God's work forward without regret or guilt. I know that God has and will continue to use me in my own individual way.

So as I said, to many of you this won't be earth shattering but for me it was the start of building my confidence as a christian doing God's work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yet another busy week

My big news of the evening is that Bronwyn saw her cardiologist this morning and had an echo. Things seem to be going well. I was a bit nervous. She seems so good symptoms-wise, but you never know what is going on under the surface. For now all seems to be going very well.

We had a birthday party for her on Saturday. It was great fun. The highlight, aside from all the kid chaos, was getting to visit with Erin and Drew who were home for a brief visit.

I am sick - snotty and sick!!

I just wanted to let you all know that she seems to be holding strong and the doctor is very impressed with her progress.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bronwyn is one

Happy Birthday to our dear girl. Your Daddy and I are so proud of you and we are so thrilled you are part of our family.

We love you Bronwyn!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So I lied

Just wanted to wish Quinn a happy first birthday. YEAH for Quinn!

A couple more reunion picts

OK this is it - I'm done after this. I know it is excessive but we never get away so I have to make it seem more glamorous than it was.

Vacation log 4

Last one I promise.

On our way to my family reunion we stopped to see some friends of Wes'. It was a lovely visit.

The reunion at Katepwa Beach was absolutely awful. What am I supposed to say my family all read the blog!! Actually, seriously we had a wonderful time. Gavin got to spend more time with Uncle Bill and even got to see Grandma and Pop too. It was great fun. I took lots of pictures many of which were on Andrea's camera and not mine. Yes I will use any camera!

I am very proud of all my cousins. They are such a great group. Sheena and Michael hosted and their house was littered with people. Very gracious of them.
On the long trek home after the reunion Gavin announced that he didn't want to go back to Calgary. That he wanted to go to the farm and be a farmer. Well - OK.
He may be the only person in the world who thinks Saskatchewan is the most exciting place on earth.

Vacation log 3

Next it was up to Jon and Cindy's cabin north of Yorkton (Good Spirit Lake). We had a lot of fun there. The highlight was playing on the beach with the kids. The biggest disappointment was that Auntie Jon wasn't there. I had to explain to Gavin that he had gone home to work. Someone has to work after all.

Vacation log 2

Next step was into Estevan. We stayed with Wes' Aunt Elaine and Uncle Gerrie and got to spend time with his Uncle Ken and Aunt Joan too. They enjoyed the kids a great deal. Well - who wouldn't!

We also got to spend some time with the Pippus family - great fun. Megan quickly found the key to Gavin's heart - TRAINS. They had a blast.

We also got to see some of Wes' old school buddies too.

As we left Estevan we hit the farm again so Gavin could spend a bit more time mucking around with Uncle Bill. Did I mention he loves Uncle Bill!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation log

OK - so here is what I am going to do - because we were in so many places and saw so many people I am going to do blog installments. I just have so many pictures! And if you find it boring remember you have my complete approval to skip or ignore any entries.

First up - Medicine Hat - we stayed with the McLeod's for the first night of our journey. The highlight in Medicine Hat was the water cooler - for a two year old who loves water play nothing is as cool as a water cooler.

The next day we drove all the way to the Muirhead's farm outside of Estevan. A seven hour trip without stops. The kids did great. Thank goodness for portable DVD players. Of course Bronwyn is still rear facing so it didn't do her much good. But she sure enjoys her books lately so that helped.

Well, the farm was among the highlights of our trip. Uncle Bill made a big impression on Gavin's little horse loving soul. He toured him around and they fed the horses, told the dog not to jump and did other farm type stuff. I should know - cause as you all know I am a farmer! Really! Well they sure entertained us in grand style.

I don't have pictures from the farm as Aunt Mary's camera was handier so I used it - she has promised to email me some.

An aside here - I just ran spell check and did you know that the first thing that comes up on the list as a correction for Muirhead is airhead - hmmm.

Stay tuned...

We are home

AHHH - we had a nice time but it is always good to get home. I will follow with pictures and the details of our adventures. I'm just too tired to do anything right now!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Its been a week already

I just realized it has been just over a week since I last posted an entry. Wow - sorry to those of you who check in daily to keep up on the ever exciting details of our little world. Both of you must be anxious to hear how we are (HA I know I'm funny).

We have been very busy. I grew as a person - really truly I did.

It is a bit of an involved story but I was feeling very sorry for myself. I won't go into the gory details but I have struggled with settling into life as a stay at home mom. I see women all around me who have done it extremely gracefully but alas I am not one of them. I was in a bit of a funk on Saturday and so naturally I did what most women do and I blamed it on my husband (I'm kidding - well mostly).

We drove out to Mom and Dad's to help them get dinner organized for the visitors they were having over night. They were having a married couple and three children from the African Children's Choir. The choir preformed at our church Sunday morning. These kids are from Uganda (the land that Idi Amin terrorized). These children are beautiful and amazing and come from extreme poverty and uncertainty. My problems suddenly seemed extremely unimportant.

Then I read an email from my Aunt. My family lives in a country being run by a man who is outdoing Amin. Daily life is a struggle and is getting harder by the day.

And I complain about not feeling actualized as a professional! OF ALL THE NERVE. I feed my kids - daily - and not just feed them - I feed them well. Wow! If we lived where these little children live I would only have one child to feed.

Don't worry I realize that life is hard no matter where you are and that we all have struggles. I just think it does us all good to realize what is positive in our lives and to reflect on the seriousness of the struggles in other parts of the world.

This has been a bit deep for me so I'll have to take a vacation now. Growing as a person is very taxing. We are headed to Saskatchewan to visit with family. We haven't had any non-hospital breaks as a family in well over a year - so this should be fun. So if you don't hear from me for a while it isn't because I am maturing (although I just might) but more likely I'm having some fun with my family. Just one more privilege for which I am thankful.