Friday, May 30, 2008

Mostly rainy days

We have been getting quite a bit of rain - which has really greened things up around here. It does look lovely. That is what I love about living in an older neighbourhood, there are so many mature flowering trees. This time of year is lovely in our little area.

The kids have been keeping busy - and so have I. I have finally started doing a bit more work again, since I am feeling better. We've had doctors visits and all sorts of goings on - nothing serious - just check ups etc.

Friends keep asking if we are finding out what the sex of the new baby is. We don't intend too. We have a good solid name we like for a boy but we have no idea what to call our baby if it is a girl. Wes has shot down all my suggestions so far.

Hey - so here's your chance - throw out some ideas to us - maybe we'll use it if its a girl. Wes doesn't want this baby's name to start with a G or a B (neurotic or what). And we have a preference for Welsh names. If you feel up to it gives us suggestions - I promise that we won't laugh at any - after all I already suggested Octavia (Wes vetoed it).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad blogger

I have not been very good at keeping up lately. Then when I sit down I feel like I just give a history of all our goings on and none of the real good details of life. I need to get back to more regular posts - I know - I just either never have the time or the energy right now. I have been suffering with a very bad head and chest cold - but I think I'll soon be over it.

We are in for a couple rainy days - so our outdoor activities are limited. Wes started our deck on the weekend, we also worked on our flowerbed and did some family stuff too. Bronwyn is feeling sick today - I haven't figured out what is wrong with her yet. She is very lethargic and a bit warm. She has been really clingy and sleepy. She is teething (2nd set of molars) so it could be that - but I am not sure. She doesn't have any of the symptoms I had so I don't think she has that either.

Gavin is full of beans as usual, but he also has been a bit tired today (and dare I say cranky). On the weekend I discovered that he doesn't really like steak that has been on the barbecue. If the meat has any charred bits he won't eat it. I felt exasperated by this and said, "I got used to eating burnt food, you will too." Sorry Mom.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day at Grandma and Pop's

We spent the day at Mom and Dad's today. It was so nice. We had lovely weather and I had no errands or chores to do - so we just hung out. It is so great being able to go in and out of the house without having to put on coats and boots and all the rest. So when we get outside and Gavin says "I have to pee," its not the huge issue that it is in the winter.

The long weekend is coming up and I think we plan to work in the backyard, as it is supposed to be nice. It should be enjoyable.

I am a bit tired and sore tonight - so I won't write too much. Tomorrow will be, likely, playing with Max, going to another friends house for a play date and whatever else comes our way.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I promised an update

The ultrasound went great. Baby Davis the third looks great. I even saw 4 full heart chambers. They didn't focus a lot on the heart as they will likely do an echo in a few weeks, but what I saw looked promising.

The kids are doing well. Yesterday during breakfast Gavin was announcing that he was a super hero and that he was going to save us - "after I eat my food though." Oh, OK - I guess I can wait. It is a jolly good thing I didn't need saving - otherwise I'd have needed more patience.

We spent the afternoon playing with Robbie and Carissa - which Gavin just loves - and Bronwyn too.

I promise a more complete and thought provoking blog at some point here - just not tonight - sorry!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Wow - we just had a crazy weekend. Saturday we were at Mom and Dad's. Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill were there, as were Andrea, Ian and Janet (and kids) for a brief while. Shibu and Claudia came out with their kids and so did Jon and Cindy and kids. It was a wonderful day and the kids spent the majority of there time outside.

I tried to keep Bronwyn in a bit as I thought it might be a bit too much for her - but ever time anyone headed for the door she'd run to me with her shoes in hand. They came home completely worn out.

Sunday we returned after church to Mom and Dad's as Aunt Mary, Uncle Bill and Andrea were still visiting. We had such a lovely visit. I finally got to spend some quality time with my amazing cousin Andrea! What a great girl.

Again the kids were worn out.

The last couple days have been gray and a bit rainy - which doesn't bug me at all as it isn't snow! I think the kids have needed the time to regroup and rest. Also we received the Lee Valley garden catalogue so it feels pretty springy to me.

Last night Gavin was resisting getting in the bath (a sign of how tired he was) so his daddy grew impatient and put him in with all his clothes on. I didn't manage to get a photo. Gavin wasn't too impressed with that!

Tonight Wes was wrestling with the kids on our bed and Gavin decided to make a tent with the covers. He felt pretty honored when Gavin gave him the job of being the tent pole! After all these years he has finally arrived!

I have my 18 week ultrasound tomorrow - so I'll likely do a quick update again soon. I have uploaded some photos but I realized I am quite behind in the picture department. We have pictures from our visit to the Science Centre that we still haven't put on, as well as other shots from the weekend. I might catch up if I can - we'll see.