Friday, August 29, 2008

My son and God

Part of educating our children is instilling in them a sense of values and morals. For us that involves sharing our faith with our children. We try, when we remember (bad Mommy), to have bible story time after supper. This form of education will mean different things in different families depending on their belief system - but regardless I think Gavin's interpretation of things will amuse most people.

Several months ago my son declared over lunch with Pops and Grandma that - "God lives in here," (pointing to his chest). I was so pleased, I figured - wow, something is sinking in - great.
The following day he repeated this statement, and then after a bit of a pause added, as he stroked his forearm - "and there are a bunch of other gods that live in here."

Several weeks ago after our supper bible story time, Gavin said his favourite story was the Good Samaritan. Well, this has also been one of my favourites for a very long time and again I was pleased with the fact that he was learning some spiritual lessons. So I asked him what part he liked best. He responded - "The part where he gets beat up." Well...

Several days ago after playing in the yard with Max he ran out ahead of me as I went out to clean up the yard. He met me at the back door COVERED in sand. I mean it was everywhere. So I moved him to the edge of the deck and made him strip down. I dusted him off and told him to go in the house. He said no. I said, "Yes you go in the house, you can't play in the yard naked as a jaybird." He responded by saying - "God told me I could play naked in the yard." Again well... instead of arguing I ran and got my camera and took pictures of the naked child.

I don't know if there is a greater lessen in any of this but for now I'll just take it for what it is. A very curious and smart little boy who is pretty darn sure he knows more than his Mommy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I can't see my toes

I am feeling very pregnant these days. My belly is big, my breath is short and my ankles are round. Great! I have also been very tired lately. I don't remember being this tired at this point in either of the other pregnancies but I think I was able to nap more often and probably slept better at night. Enough complaining!

Otherwise we are great. In fact, I am really lucky that I am doing so well - it has been really a pretty trouble free pregnancy.

We have had a pretty slow boring last week and a half. I think we were going so hard that I just couldn't keep it up any more and as a result the kids have been a bit bored with me. They'll survive!

I'd love to sit down and write a thought provoking blog - in fact I have had a fair bit on my mind lately and have several topics I'd write if I could. The problem is that I just don't have it in me. I am fighting the stupids these days. Really, I can't wait to be done with the pregnancy so I can get my mind back. Before I had Gavin I thought that baby brain was just a silly wives tale. I was wrong!

Well, I am off to bed. We are just so tired - the whole family! It is my wish that we all have a good night sleep. Good night to you and your house also.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday weekend

Once again we had a really hectic weekend. Thankfully yesterday was more relaxed as I was completely out of energy.

Jared, Josh and Kennedy and Pam came down to visit so we came over and had a little birthday celebration for Bronwyn on her actual birthday (Friday). Kennedy made a birthday sign and blew up balloons. Very sweet! We had a very nice day returning early to start preparations for her birthday bash on Saturday.

We were able to have her party on our brand new deck. It isn't 100% done - but its only little cosmetic things left so we were able to use it. It is a great deck and fits lots of people. It even held the weight of two pregnant girls and my brother Jon!

The kids had a blast.

Sunday we came to Mom's house. She cooked lamb in honour of my birthday! Yeah! We enjoyed a quiet day - both kids were pretty sleepy. Today we are back out at Mom's as I have a work appointment. In fact, I better go rescue Grandma - they are unmaking her bed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bronwyn's check up

Our little girl did very well today at her cardio appointment. She didn't cry at all during her echo - which is the first time that has happen - well without sedation.

Dr. Harder was thrilled with how she is doing. Her sats were really high and her pulses were good... basically she is doing great. Whew!! The only downside to the appointment is that we began discussing the next surgery. I was hoping that wouldn't be brought up until her next six month appointment. In the next few months they will start the tests they need to prepare for the next surgery. For now they are loosely saying next spring.

Just wanted to give a quick update and throw a couple pictures of the kids up. The kids were helping Dad with the deck one evening. What a lucky guy to have such great help!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Checking in

It would see I have fallen off the blog wagon. It has been close to two weeks since checking in. We have been very busy, doing... well whatever it is that keeps us busy. Yesterday we had an enforced slow day. Mommy was TIRED. So the kids were forced to watch TV and movies and do low energy activities - whether they wanted to or not.

We seem to have had so many activities and things going on that every morning Gavin asks, "Where are we going today? Who is coming to see us?"

The kids and I and my friend Val and her daughter Megan went to Heritage Park last week. The kids enjoyed it and we even took a ride on an old train. Gavin loved that. Of course I didn't take my camera - too bad it was a fun time.

We have been having the war of the poop with Gavin. I thought we had crossed that bridge but... well he threw us a curve ball last week and we were back in the world of trying to get a 3 year old to poop. There are a few basic truths that I have learned in life. #1. Accept it - you will pay taxes, #2. The laundry will pile up again no matter how much you did last Saturday, #3. There is no way to make someone poop who doesn't want to poop.

I will say that we seem to be coming through the other side of the battle - scarred but still standing.

Bronwyn hasn't been giving us much trouble - she really is a model child - well as long as she gets whatever she wants, when she wants it. The only real issue is that she has definite preferences for certain colours but calls them all yellow. So she will have a fit because I have given her a yellow spoon. She'll cry, "yellow, yellow." Finally I'll dig out a pink spoon and she'll nod and move on like the world is now in perfect harmony again. Keeps Mom guessing!

She is also having her first official swim lessons. They split the time between the large pool and the small teach pool. The large pool is very cold and she spends the entire time climbing up my neck trying to keep her body as far out of the water as possible. As soon as we go in the warm shallow kiddie pool she starts playing and frolicking. It really is funny.

Wes is doing well too - he has been so busy. He has been working almost every night on the deck or the basement. We just have so much work to do before baby #3. Not only has he been working like a slave he has also been very tolerant of his occasionally emotional, cranky and somewhat hormonal wife. I think he may deserve a medal! Well, he gets my vote for best husband.

Bronwyn has her bi-yearly check up with her Cardiologist on Thursday. I am anxious to see how things are going. She seems so good, but there is always a little fear lurking - wondering what they will find when they do the echo. She can seem great on the surface but we don't really know what is going on inside. So hopefully all will be great.

The little miss turns two on Friday. Crazy business how quickly time passes.

Well - I best go read a book with missy. The little man is in bed reading books with Daddy right now. I should be doing the same with Bronwyn.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Another nice summer week

Life seems to be just plugging along nicely for us these days. What a blessing! The kids are doing well - both Wes and I have had head colds but that isn't major.

We have had a fun week. The kids have had visits with Robbie and Carissa, Cadence and family, Max (of course), Madeline, and Grandma and Pops. I had a play date with Warren yesterday too - just kidding I had a work meeting - but I think it sounds more fun if I call it a play date.

I'd like to ask that you all keep in mind some little friends of ours. Our little Internet heart buddy Gavin is going in for a heart cath. Can you please pray for him and his family? Also, I'd ask continued prayers of support for Drew Clark and his family. I am still praying that God's hand will be seen in his life in an amazing and miraculous way. Finally, I also want you to remember Quinn in your prayers, he has made some good progress in the last couple weeks and I'd like to pray that the momentum continues. Normally I check with the families before soliciting prayer requests - but I didn't this time. So I hope these requests aren't presumptuous.

We hope that you are all enjoying summer (except my family overseas - who have their "winter" or dry season right now.)

Just in: Gavin cried oohhh - Mommy Bronwyn just hit me. I said - Bronwyn don't hit your brother (this what I call parenting from the other room). He explained - I hit her first but then she hit me. So I said - Well, don't hit her first, seem a good idea? He nodded and agreed.