Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its been a week

Wow - I haven't posted in a week. I'd like to say its because I have been so busy, but I have just been a bit lazier than normal to be honest.

Even tonight I don't have too much to say. So I thought I'd dredge up some fun stories about the kids and slap a few pictures up. Just so you know we are still here.

Mari - What a girl! She is becoming such a little individual. She is a real live wire but still so sweet. Mari is our singer. I hear her in her crib in the morning singing "Da daa Da daaa" on and on. In different pitches too. She really amazes me. The other two are musical - particularly Gavin but Mari takes it to a different level. Maybe she'll be the opera singer I always wanted to be.

Mari dances too. She sways her head back and forth and then stops and stamps her feet like she's running on the spot really fast. It is so cute.

She has a couple new teeth - just in the last couple days. She seems to do her teething in rounds. The first 6 all came in within about a two week time span. Kind of nice not to have it drag out.

She has stopped throwing her food on the floor if she is done or doesn't like it. I was getting tired of mopping up all the time.

Bronwyn - Oh, Bronwyn. She was feeling not so good at the beginning of the week and she had me a bit worried, but she was her normal perky self today. She has a wonderful innate ability to get her brothers goat. I have no idea where she picks it up. She'll get a whiny singsong sort of voice and taunt, "To bad, you don't have a Mommy." And other such things. Gavin just gets so furious and then he turns it on her and does the same and then she screams blue murder. Guess she can't take what she dishes out.

She is such a chatterbox. You wouldn't believe it if you meet her. But as long as she is with people she is comfortable with she'll chatter non-stop.

Gavin - I am pretty proud of my little boy. He is pretty amazing sometimes. He told his Grandpa that he is a genius. Not quite sure where he got that idea, but his Grandpa didn't disagree with him. He often tells me that he "loves me almost as much as Mari." Apparently that is quite a lot. Thankfully he can't manhandle me the way he does her.

He is getting very good at math and has started to learn some piano too. I don't really push him, I just sort of wait for him to express interest in something and then we delve into it a bit.

They are a wonderful little group - but I have to say that - I'm their mother!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reflections while grocery shopping

I don't like grocery shopping. In fact, I hate it. Always have. Goes back to my childhood. Having said that, I do grocery shop. Tonight we were all going to go, but in the end we decided that just I would go. So off I went.

The one advantage to grocery shopping is that I get a bit of time to myself, to think a bit. Time alone is a luxury I just don't have.

I am very routine in my shopping. I have a pattern. I start at the deli counter and I move through the store from there. I could literally do it blind folded, but I'd likely hit a few other shoppers - so I don't. I decided tonight to swing by the magazines to see if there were any interesting puzzle books. Score! A math puzzle book - yeah with lots of cross sums. I love doing cross sums.

As I paced up and down the aisles, occasionally stopping to add groceries to my cart, I reflect on how my purchases have changed in the last 6 years. Mostly just a lot more food in the cart now.

"If you could read my mind" sung by Gordon Lightfoot started playing on the store sound system. Wow - now that is nostalgic. No matter who records that song it will never be as good as Gordon's version. That song is just him. I love that song. Who doesn't!

By now I'm feeling down right sentimental as I head down the spaghetti sauce aisle. Why are there so many options for spaghetti sauce - how different can all these brands be? I mean they are basically tomato sauce with herbs? Oh well.

As I push my cart into the produce area I am shocked at the number of young men shopping. Apparently this is the night to be out getting your groceries (if your a young guy). I start to laugh when I realize that my first reaction is not checking them out (as I might have 15 years ago), but rather resisting the very strong urge to turn to one of the young men and tell him to pick up his feet when he walks. Apparently once you are a mom you obtain super mom powers that give you the right to treat anyone like a child. Just cause I could be old enough to be his mom doesn't mean that I am! So I hold my tongue, and laugh at myself.

Boy, carrots, why do they sell the little bags of ready to eat carrots. I mean how hard is to peal a carrot? But who am I to... oh ya, I'm "Super Universal Mom" I don't need permission - I can have any opinion and share it randomly. Ha - OK. That idea is getting old already.

As I get to the till an amazing thing happens. I walk right up to an empty till. I start loading my groceries. The gal running them through is doing it so quickly and proficiently that I am having to rush unloading. I am a bit compulsive in my unloading. You know - heavy things first, grouped by food group as much as possible. Meat together yadaa yadaa. Again, more hang-ups from my childhood. This speed messes up my system.

The teller laughs when I tell her that she was so fast I didn't get my weekly meditation time. As I am finishing up my purchase another lively and familiar (but apparently forgettable cause I can't remember it) song blares over the speakers. As I leave the store I smile as I watch various tellers and patrons nodding their head to the beat. An infectious and happy atmosphere tonight.

Returning home I realize the stress that I often feel. The pent up energy and worry that just sits at the back of my mind. The slightest thing can bring that worry tumbling forward.

I reflect on the conversation I had with Bronwyn's cardiologist earlier in the day. A few medicine changes, a need to have another echo in a couple months, a "mild concern." None of it is earth shattering, none of it is alarming. Just a reminder that this will be with us always. Her health is always in the balance - there is no fix for it.

A tear drops from my eye. I muse on the change between my thoughts between the grocery store and home. As I throw open the door with my arms full of groceries I am met with screams of welcome.

"Mommy," says Gavin.
"Happy Birthday!" Yells Bronwyn.
"Agghhh." Growls Mari (yes she growls a lot).

Do I Worry? Sure.

Am I Loved? You betcha!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday night

We are having a quiet and relaxed Saturday night. We watched a kids movie while eating nacho chips and salsa for supper. Wes is bathing the kids now while I (well truthful while I do this but I shouldn't be doing it - hee hee) get the basement cleaned up and ready for movie night.

We had guests last night, Marj and Kayley (a K I think - sorry if I'm wrong Katie - wink wink). We just enjoyed that so much. After they left this morning we wandered over to the neighbors for "Igagks" (Bronwyn's version of Isaac) birthday party. Hard to believe he is already two. Whoo time flies.

We had a nice week. I have enjoyed my family this week. I really liked being a mom and a wife this week - even more than normal. A good week all in all.

The fog of waiting all summer for her surgery and all the drama of our time in Edmonton is lifting from my soul and I am starting to see the world around me. I am excited by things I had just been neglecting for months. I am able to see my way to organizing my world. How does the line go - My future is so bright I've gotta wear shades. Something like that.

Well - I best get my job done so the when the pajama gang descends on the basement I'm ready to start our movie night!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The dreaded shot

So we finally got the kids H1N1 shots today. It has been a bit of a drama. If you have been listening to the news at all you will have also been subjected to the wide spread panic and chaos that has surrounded this vaccination.

I had refused to take Bronwyn (who is our highest risk child) to a facility with hundreds of people to line up for hours. I just didn't see the sense in it. And then that all changed and they started doing high risk people only. The first day of the relaunch I just sat tight and watched to see what would happen. When things seem to have settled to a more rational system I decided to go the next day.

I checked the times, not aware that they were changing their times daily (and not the night before mind you). Wes came home early so we could take the kids. We drove to Stampede and it was closed. We drove to Avenida and it was closed. Huh!

So we took the kids to McDonald's as a treat - Yes the fat ban is off. Bronwyn has completed her time on the diet.

We decided to get the kids up before nap times and go this morning. We got to Stampede at 9. They were very well organized. We didn't wait at all. I had to whine and finagle to get Gavin a shot. The cut off is November 1st. His birthday was the day before - so technically he didn't make the cut off.

They kept saying no to us and Gavin thought he was off the hook. Until one of the administrators came and told us that he could have it. That is when the drama started.

The highlight was Gavin sitting on the floor wrapped around my leg, crying and refusing to stand up. Add to that a frustrated mother tell him sharply that if he didn't cooperate he would never see his new dinosaur toy again! Pretty. I know!

We finally held him down and gave him the shot. Now I have to break the news that he has to do it all again in three weeks. Ha - good times!

The material point is that we got it done. I can let go of some of my anxiety and breath a bit deeper for now.

I really don't know what to make of all of this H1N1 business. I believe for us that protecting our children (particularly Bronwyn) from bad flues is important. I am not sure that the media hype is necessary, nor do I think that general wide spread panic is necessary.

Cooler heads need to prevail and by the scene we saw this morning I think they are.

If you haven't got your kids vaccinated yet and you want to - Stampede is the place to go. It is well organized and we didn't wait at all. Now, even if there is a wait it is all indoors and they have people handing out juice. There is a waiting area with televisions to do the 15 minute wait after. It is well thought out and very organized.

It would have been nice to see this level of organization from the beginning. I can't imagine how awful last week was for the nursing staff and the administrators of the program. It wasn't their plan but they took the brunt of the chaos. They have my great admiration for even showing up for work the second week in.