Friday, January 31, 2014

Sick week

About a week ago I was thinking about how healthy we have all been this winter, so far. I was surprised that other than the odd snotty nose we'd had a pretty great run. I should have known better...

Friday night Wes came home and announced he had the flu and went to bed. Which meant no furthering of the renovations for me!! See how sympathetic I am.

Sunday Gavin and Mari woke with bad coughs, so we all stayed home for morning, but it just seemed to be a head cold nothing more.

Monday Wes felt well enough to go to work so off he went - to work on other people's homes (not that I'm dwelling on that fact - ahem!). I kept Mari and Gavin home, not that I thought they were that sick, but their coughs sounded bad and I figured people wouldn't appreciate them coughing everywhere. My fear of what people think out weighs my concern for my children's health.

Late Monday night Mari obviously had the flu, and based on the frequent trips to the bathroom, so did Wes. GREAT!

Tuesday I kept Mari home but sent the other two to school as they were fine.

Mari seemed to rally, Wes had a very restful day.

Tuesday night, Mari wasn't over it.

Wednesday kept Mari home, Wes went off to work and I wondered what we were going to eat, since I had not had a chance to get to the grocery store. Not an issue for Mari, she wasn't hungry, but what about me, I asked, yes, what about me? So I found and ate chocolate - yes old Halloween chocolate, by the handful. By the evening Mari has rallied and is playing with her siblings.

Wednesday night Mari throws up again. REALLY!

Oh but wait, now its Gavin's turn. Unlike his little sister who is excellent at making her way to the toilet, Gavin has now puked everywhere in his room. With no warning, no calling for Mom and Dad, just there you are!!

The whole house is now awake as we clean up the mess and the kid and I try to be the sympathetic mom. I do not sleep for the rest of the night. I lay there half resting waiting for any sound that he might start up again. At the first sounds of rustling I run grab the bucket and try to chase his flailing head so we can minimize the clean up. This is fun for me. Sort of a game of catch in the middle of the night.

I call the school in the middle of the night and say that none of the Davis kids are coming. What about Bronwyn you ask? No, she is not sick, but I figure with the interruptions to her sleep she needs the rest. We all finally sleep. Until our lovely neighbor calls to offer the kids a lift to school. Such a kind offer.

Long story and yes, I realize this took as long to read as it did to live through. They are all on the mend now and its a PD day so they are resting and eating home made chicken soup - although I've been told that its a bit yucky and they would prefer Lipton's noodle soup. Thank you offspring! Thank you!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For Elaine & Gerald

Hey there Aunt Elaine and Uncle Gerald,

Click on this grey type - Our Other House Blog.

This is what your nephew has been up to!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A new year a new page

It is January of 2014. Wow. I was pondering today how that this day 100 years ago the world had not seen the dawn of the new age of war. The world in 1914 was extremely different to what it is now. We are having a terrible winter for snow and yet we still haven't beat the record snow fall, that was in 1912. One hundred years ago life in Calgary would have looked very different. Hmmm. Just caused me pause today. I guess I had a couple minutes to think.

We have been very busy as usual. We spent the last couple weeks at my parents house. Lovely time. They could not have been more gracious. We truly feel so blessed to have them in our lives! The kids were super sad to not see them today.

While we were there Wes was at our house ripping out the kitchen and moving walls around. We are just rejigging our small space to allow for a bedroom for Gavin. We are kind of modern pioneers. We don't add on, we make due with what we have and find creative solutions. I'll post pictures soon, but I'll wait until we have some after shots. I'll try post the plans too - since it is hard to see what we have done from pictures.

The kids are back in school. We have two functioning bathrooms and the current bedrooms are all fine, but we have no kitchen. The good news is that we live very close to lots of places that do take out and our fridge is plugged in. So we are managing fairly nicely. We are living in the basement while and sleeping upstairs.

The only issue is Wes' time is now divided. Now that everyone is back from the Christmas break there is a great demand on his time so... we are hoping to get some of his time so we can get our lives back to normal. But we are managing either way.

I feel that 2014 will be a good year for our family. We have love, we have each other and we have hope for the future. All good things.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
            1 Corinthians 13:13