Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rolling and rolling

Mari is rolling. She rolled over for the first time last night and today she has been rolling all over - not just back to front but also front to back. I am beyond amazed - it is not only amazing that she can do it but it is also amazing that we discovered it. Why is it amazing? This child is never on the floor. Don't know where she developed the technique - it certainly wasn't from practicing.

I have tried to get video. But as soon as I stand near her with a camera she smiles and chats to me. No sooner have I given up and turned my back and whoosh - she's over. That just shows what a little lovely she is. She won't busy herself with rolling when she can talk and smile with Mommy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quiet time

There isn't a lot of quiet time in this house. Particularly in the evening. That is wrestle time in Gavin's world. If Daddy doesn't agree to wrestle it is even noisier as he has a crying fit. Bronwyn chases after them joining in whatever fun is going. Usually saying, "Carry me up."

But for now all the kiddies are asleep, even Mari our pain in the butt sleeper. She is snoozing in Dad's arms. Time to breath, consider how dirty my teeth feel, wonder if I should have a snack or not, or just putz away on the computer. Ahhh...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bronwyn recovering

There has been a bit of a strange dynamic in our house today. I told Gavin he had to be very careful and gentle with Bronwyn today because she would be sore. Bronwyn who heard that understood it to me that today things were to go her way (or the highway). There is an old English murder mystery series - Rumpold of the Bailey (I think). He used to call his wife "She who must be obeyed." Well today that could have been Bronwyn's title.

I am hoping that tomorrow she is a little less tyrannical. For today I was just happy to see her feel so well.

Speaking of tyrants I may become one if I hear the term "a historical" event one more time. Really - what is wrong with "an historic?" Not fancy enough? Does the al add any value? Between hearing this repetitively yesterday and the coffee shop that WAS OUT OF CREAM (Really, I'm not making that up), I was just about driven around the bend while waiting for Bronwyn's cath to be finished.

Post cath update

Bronwyn had her cath yesterday and all went well. The Doc said that her heart and lungs are in great shape for the next surgery.

I am still totally stunned at how Bronwyn does with all this stuff. I can't get over how basically healthy she is, nor can I comprehend what a great sport she is about everything.

If you could see her today you would never guess that she had an invasive procedure yesterday. She is truly amazing. Me on the other hand - I'm still recovering.

Thank you for all the prayers. We are again so thrilled to have the support of so many loving friends and family. God Bless you all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My brother is a wierdo

Seriously! I am sitting at the computer at my folks house and he is holding Mari in the other room. He is saying, repeatedly, "Hey, hey, hey..." in a low low voice. Oh, now he's singing Margaritaville to her. Now he's making the nose the adults in the Charlie Brown movies make - wahh, wahh. Now Mari is crying - CAN YOU BLAME HER!

What a freak!

OK more seriously - I'd like to solicit prayers for Bronwyn. She is having a heart cath on Tuesday. It is a diagnostic test where they check her blood pressure levels in the lungs and heart as well as taking pictures. They are doing this in preparation for the third surgery.

Bronwyn should be fine - as long as Uncle Jon doesn't start talking to her like he is to Mari.

We will update you all when the procedure is completed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

When I was a kid

I was the youngest of three. I loved my family. I enjoyed being part of my family and I thought that we were the most important people in the world. In fact, my family was the most important thing in my world.

It has been so much fun watching my kids and how they relate to each other. Gavin and Bronwyn play pretty well together. Of course they fight, but they laugh too. Bronwyn often wants to tell Gavin off or say NO to him, but she also copies everything he does and follows him every where. Both Gavin and Bronwyn fawn over Mari, particularly Gavin. They talk to her and get right in her face. I'm sure it is as scary as heck to Mari. Gavin just loves it if Mari smiles at him.

Bronwyn just figured out that Mommy has a name too. She told me I was "Gamma's Bonwyn." So I explained that I was Grandma's daughter, but my name is Roberta. So she has taken to calling me "Mommy Berta." Of all the cheek.

I don't often take the time to slow down and really listen and watch the kids. When I do it is usually worth it.

I'm proud of my little monsters. They may not be perfect but their mine!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It never stops

I thought after Christmas that we'd settle into a boring but much needed break in January. Well I was wrong. We have doctors and dentists and schools and friends and family and well... LOTS.

I feel like we've been going full tilt since mid last week. So tomorrow I think I'll pack up the kids and head to Mom and Dad's take a bit of a break from the whole business.

I signed Gavin up for Kindergarten today. I can't believe this is happening - but he's growing up whether I like it or not. I am just praying he likes kindergarten more than playschool. I am so tired of fighting to get him to playschool - it just wears me down.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter fun

We have had a break in the really cold weather and we have more snow than Calgary normally gets. Gavin has been enjoying any outdoor time he can get. It is easier to get outside when we are visiting Mom and Dad as they can help with Mari. She isn't winter ready yet.

Bronwyn likes kicking the snow a bit and throwing the odd snowball but basically still doesn't care too much for winter. She is getting better though.

Here are a few random shots of outdoor fun over the last few days.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Some Bronwyn stuff

Wes took this video the other night - he was trying to get her to eat more of her supper. I have learned to pick my battles with Bronwyn. She may actually be the most stubborn person in this family - and that is saying a LOT!

She was playing it up for the camera as you can see. And just in case you think you aren't hearing it correctly, yes she is saying Bossy Mommy.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow - 2009 - already! I was thinking the other day how time used to just crawl when I was a kid. I remember feeling like Christmas holidays would never end, and now they just fly by so fast I can't even remember what we got up to.

The kids do seem to be over their nasty flu bug. Seems like everyone with little kids was dealing with some sort of illness this year. I think it is Santa Claus. I mean, does he wash his hands after ever plate of cookies?

We had a really nice New Year's Eve. Matt, Natasha, Max and Isaac (Agac - as Bronwyn calls him), came over with great eats. Natasha went way over board and provided super great treats - spoiled us totally. All of my contributions came from a box in the freezer.

The kids had a blast playing and I dragged Natasha into my families tradition of the yearly jigsaw puzzle.

The kids did really well and stayed up pretty late - which is actually pretty normal for our crowd, but even Isaac was still going strong when they left at 10 pm.

We are excited for the new year. There will be a lot going on this year. My January calendar is already filling up. I have to get Gavin registered for Kindergarten (yes this early). Bronwyn, has a date for her heart cath. later in January, and another follow up appointment.

Our hope for all our loved ones is that 2009 is a good year, full of joy and love.