Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally some pictures

It would seem based on the pictures I take that I only have one child. Mari is doing so many cute things right now that I typically run for my camera to catch her doing some little wacko activity. Like putting Bronwyn's panties on her head, for example. Still haven't managed to catch that on camera though.

The kids are doing well. We had a flu bug rip through the house earlier this week. Bronwyn was hit the hardest. It is always a bit of a worry with her. But the flu was short lived.

The weather has not been terribly cold, but its January and blah. We have been doing a lot of drawing, crafts, puzzles etc. I am starting to itch for spring. Mari wants so much to do what the other kids are doing. She climbs on the chair and draws with markers all over her face and hands. If she can't reach a marker she climbs on the table. I've taken to strapping her in her seat. Otherwise I can't even go into the kitchen to get something. We are always hauling her off the table.

Gavin likes to practice different laughs. I'm not sure why, but he will try different laughs, some of them will last for several days. Most of them are VERY annoying (to Mommy). The one he has been working on over the last few days involves a lot of air suction. It causes him to start coughing uncontrollably. It has a bit of a "bad guy" sort of sound too. He comes off as a rather emphysemic evil mastermind.

Life holds no surprises or scares for us right now! For that we are very thankful. A boring life is very desirable.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No photos again tonight

Why no photos? Because the camera is upstairs and I'm downstairs and I'm really tired and if I go up I won't come back down. So if you want an update then you have to live with no new pictures tonight.

Whew - now that is out of the way!

Mari was sick yesterday, well and still today. She is doing much better today, just not eating properly yet and still pretty tired. It is pretty rare to get a snugly moment with her, she is such a goer, but yesterday and today there were plenty.

Bronwyn had dance class again. She was more reserved today as there were extra kids in the class. They are getting ready for a recital on Saturday. Bronwyn won't participate as she just started but I think the volume of kids intimidated her. She stood in one spot, holding her hands in front of her with her chin down for most of the class.

Gavin, is great. He's such a lovable little bundle of five-year old boy energy. He can be a bit much for his sisters (and Mom, ahem) at times but you couldn't get a more loving and caring little man.

I need to take a picture of some of his recent drawings. He really is very good. I think he'll take after his Daddy and be an "artiste." Bronwyn still scribbles - but we all gotta start somewhere.

I have to run now and do lullabies. The good news is that my throat ailment is finally clearing up and I can actually sing (in a non-croaky voice).

Gotta run - just a quick update for now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We are plugging along here.

Bronwyn is loving her dance classes. I have to remember my camera so I can take a picture of her. She is really getting into it now. So fun to watch. She leaves the class and chatters in an excited way all the way home. Her enjoyment just bubbles over.

Mari is into everything. She can get up on the couch now and she likes to throw herself across it or try to crawl up on the back. Mom's heart stops beating but she giggles and thinks she is very clever. She may be a monkey but boy is she sweet too.

I wasn't feeling well this morning, a bit of a sore neck (nothing major). Gavin decided he'd make me my coffee. He has done it before and he usually does a pretty good job. I try to give him time to do it and then go in and make sure it is all set up OK. When I went into today to check he had not only got the coffee going, but he had already cut up an orange and was working on an apple. I struggle between being really proud of his Independence and kind of freaked that he's using such sharp knives.

The girls are sleeping right now and Gavin is at school - I think, although I have tons of work to do, I may lay down for a rest.

The weather has been beautiful and it has an air of spring. It won't last but it is great for now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sobering thoughts

I have not been able to watch the news, particularly of the earthquake in Haiti. In fact, although I have been very interested I have repeatedly changed the channel if the news comes on. Not until the kids were asleep in their beds did I get a chance to get updated on the status. I'm alright with the kids knowing about the disaster, just not OK with them seeing vivid pictures.

I am sad. Very sad.

I am thankful. So thankful.

I'm glad my kids are asleep in their beds.

I feel like crying for the mothers who are left with no homes for their babies, or even worse, no babies.

I'm thankful that my husband has work tomorrow.

I am so sad for fathers and sons who can no longer earn a wage and are left with nothing. Even less than they had before.

Human tragedy is sad. Human suffering is also sad.

I feel powerless. I feel so far away and unable to touch the sorrow and help.

But I can pray. I can always pray. So I'll pray.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I should check my camera

I have been holding off posting because I thought I should post some pictures. I kept thinking I haven't been taking photos and I had nothing to post. But then I checked my camera - there was a load of pictures on there.

So here are a few pictures. Random photos.
By the way I hate my current camera (although Bronwyn would inform you right now not to say hate). I've hated it for ages. I have a private plan to go get myself a different one - but I'm just waiting for the right time.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Beautiful life

A catalogue arrived in the mail today. It was full of beautiful images, beautiful things for homes. I have to admit I am a sucker for a beautifully magazine or catalogue. I love them!

It got me thinking.

So much of the images in the magazine promote the idea that the better your life looks the better it is. I am not, and I emphasize NOT, against beautiful things. I'm not terribly into home decor myself, but I have no problem with people who are. In fact, I know many people who do artistic things for a living, designers, decorators, art directors etc. They specialize in making things beautiful, making them right! They are visual people who make looking good seem easy. These people make my life better, more visually rich.

I guess my thoughts were more along the lines of, what is beautiful? My home is a wreck at the best of times, but to me its beautiful. Why? Because my life is special to me. My family is special to me and my home reflects what goes on in these walls.

I had a visit with a friend this week, who even through her struggles is living a beautiful life. Determined to see the beauty in life. Who may be living in the shadows by times, but is always walking toward the light.

Lets face it folks, life can seem ugly! When you strip down the polish and the "niceness," it can be bare and harsh and cruel. But is that all there is to see?

When you see people struggling with cancer or other illnesses it can seem ugly. Can you see past the ugliness to the strength of the person, to their determination and faith? Are not those things beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Maybe beauty is there, in every situation and person, we just have to focus our gaze a bit to find it. Maybe my attitude has to change to see the obvious beauty in others?

I have no problem with beautiful things, that is why I married Wes (sorry couldn't resist).