Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding thoughts

It is supper time. Wes has taken the kids out of the house, to get something to eat. Mommy is not cooking tonight and the kids were making me crazy! So Daddy to the rescue. I may not admit it to him often, but I am married to one very fine man.

So I am watching clips from the royal wedding. It reminds me of my own. I mean, who wouldn't think of their own wedding at such a time. Although, I think I could have used a bit more money to throw at our wedding. I mean, if I had at least a million (not the lofty 70 million I heard estimated for Will & Kate's), just a measly million, wow, what we could have done. It makes our day feel a bit shabby. There wasn't even a crowd waving at us as we drove down Deerfoot after the wedding. Humph!

Bronwyn was watching a wee bit this morning before the kid's shows came on. She thought the bride was very pretty. I replied, "That young lady there landed one very large fish!" I thought internally, and she landed a very large responsibility and public life too. I wish her well with that.

Oh well. My memories of my wedding are wonderful and I am so happy with my life. I don't live in a glass palace, a real blessing when you come down to it.

I do wish them well and I truly hope they have a happy marriage and life together. After all money and position can't buy you happiness, although... it could speed up the renovations (I'm kidding!!).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A life long dream

Well, a life long "I'd like to do it."

My mommy group, as we call it, got together last night. I thought it would be the normal eating and visiting, but Julie pulled out a craft. NO NOT A CRAFT! To my delight it was all the necessary tools to do traditional Easter eggs. I have always wanted to do this and never had a chance. In fact, I felt rather smug because I knew it was something that Wes would also love to do, but for once I got to do it first!

At one point I said, as we sat around a table waxing eggs and visiting and laughing, that this is what all the old country ladies were likely doing a hundred years ago. It made me feel connected to history, even if it isn't my own.

I love these gals. I feel privileged to spend an evening with such a group of intelligent, passionate, and talented ladies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April is a blur

So far April has just whizzed by. I'd love to say its because we have been busy playing outside in the sun. But instead we have been outside building snow forts and shovelling. There has been much whining and crying over the weather, the kids haven't loved it either.

I have taken a few pictures. So here is the recent history in photos.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

It is what it is!

So, its April 3 and we have almost a foot of fresh snow. By fresh snow, I mean that the snow from the rest of this blissful winter did not completely melt before the new stuff arrived. Well, there you have it.

Wes braved the roads yesterday. I was actually going to go out and I could not get the van off the side of the road. So I came in and asked if he could run my errands for me. He is such a good man and obviously a better driver than me. We got several inches more after that.

We had our new Irish friends, from a block or two over for supper. It was a wonderful night in.

Today we just did not have it in us to go out. So we stayed home. Gavin is still not doing so good. I see improvement by times, and then he seems to decline again. I will likely keep him home tomorrow. If he goes to school and has a hard time I am concerned it will set him back. Better safe than sorry.

I got out in the beautiful sunshine though. I went out and shoveled our walk (again), and several neighbors, including one of our elderly neighbors, who lives on a corner lot and it did not get any shovelling yesterday. Heavy heavy snow. So that counts as both my exercise and my good dead.

Bronwyn and Mari and I made spy cupcakes. Spy cupcakes are just coffee cake muffins with a special ingredient (a touch of powdered ginger) as a truth serum. When you eat one you have to tell the truth. A great spy tool.

We delivered some of our cupcakes to the neighbors while Wes push a poor delivery guy out of the deep snow. Then the girls had a snowball fight with Daddy. Mom tried to get photos, but the girls thought it was pretty funny to throw snow balls at the camera lens. And my butt. And they even tried to jam snow in my boots.

Gavin is sleeping now. I am hoping he improves. Maybe we can still have a quiet movie night with the neighbors, we will see. He did have a better night. The first in 5 nights. I actually got 7 hours of sleep. That is probably why I feel better about everything today.

It may be seasonably snowy, but I got some sleep. All is well.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Friday, April 01, 2011

Sick little boy

I have a sick little boy on my hands. He has two, "very infected" ears - the doctor's words not mine. After the third sleepless night in a row, I buckled and got him in to the doctor.

It wasn't our usual doctor, but another from the same clinic. Bronwyn was really pleased with him. She said, "He looked really cool." Oh. There you are.

I always feel like I have left it too long when I take Gavin in, but to be fair to me it was only roughly 48 hours since it began, OK slightly longer, but I couldn't make an appointment yesterday evening. So first thing was the best I could do. I always feel like he's about to turn the corner. Maybe its because I'm an optimist. Maybe its because I really don't like going to the doctor (sorry Ali). Who knows?

So much for our spring break. We didn't do much last weekend, thanks to the stupid weather. As the weather improved, Gavin's health declined. He will get better soon, I am sure, and now the weather is tanking again. I'm feeling rather picked on.

Monday we will be back at it, our lovely vacation a waste of bad weather, sleepless nights and sick kids. GRRRRRRR!!!