Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm so excited

I got a new clothes line (picture up top). I just can't contain my excitement. I'm thrilled. We've been meaning to get one for ages, but in typical Davis' fashion we couldn't agree on what to get. Unfortunately, our dryer packed it in a couple weeks ago, which forced us to make a decision. I decided that since I do 95% of the laundry, that I should get what I want!
I hung my first load out on Saturday. It was too cold and too late in the day, but I didn't care. I will stop my discussion of the clothes line here, as my husband has informed me that no one else shares my level of excitement. Well, buy your own I say, you can be just as excited as me! Oh, just think of the money we will save this summer...
We had an amazing weekend. So much fun, and I don't just mean buying a new clothes line. There were trips to the library, fort building, play time with neighbors, kite flying with cousins, good food, and very tired kids by Sunday night.
All around great weekend. This week is Gavin's spring break. I just love not having to keep a schedule and just doing whatever we want. So lovely.
I included this little picture of Mom and Mari - aren't they cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

How to make an ass of yourself 101

I could write a book, or teach a class on this topic. I've decided that if I am truly skilled at something I should be proud of it. Even if it isn't something on the list of top 20 qualities in an employee or life mate or friend.

I took the kids to the dentist this morning. The older two actually. Last time I went I decided to bring Mari, cause "how much trouble could she be?" Well, as I was trying to hold a terrified Bronwyn the hygienist was chasing Mari around the room. At that point she was just crawling.

So I elected to leave her out. We dropped her at Val's house (thanks again Val) and we carried on. Long story short. The kids teeth looked great yada yada yada. Although, to interrupt my own story, how come dental hygienists can make you feel so awful, even if there teeth are good?

The dentist I take the kids to is in a group that specializes in children's care. They pull out all the stops - it is a very cool place for kids. I mean very cool. They talk in soft voices and they work hard at not panicking anyone.

They did X-rays of Gavin's mouth and teeth. The noticed an extra tooth (sort of freaky that) at the front that seems to be causing issue with his other teeth. The doctor told me that he thought this would have to be removed.

I replied, "That will mean surgery." He said, "Yes." I just shrugged and he quickly said, "Nothing like what you've been through, much much different."

But by this point the damage was done. I was crying. I was standing in a pediatric dentists office crying, as other parents walked by and gave alarmed and concerned looks. Little did they know that my tears had nothing to do with teeth.

I quickly started talking details, trying to regain control. As we left I apologized over and over.

The nutty thing is that the last time I was there I was almost in tears too. This poor dentist must think I'm a lunatic. Certifiable.

This might not bother most folks out there, but I'm not a demonstrative person. I don't like to admit I have feelings let alone "share" them.

Anyhow, there ya have it. Now if you have a story to top that, go ahead and share it - it might make me feel better.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family is certainly useful

If you have tried to email me pictures and couldn't, or I called and asked for your email for the 17th time, or I only communicate with you through Facebook, then you will realize that I have had email issues.

Shortly after Bronwyn was born our email stopped working, not sure why. I fiddle a bit with this and that. Did a few things that my brother assures me are not "good" ideas. Anyhow, I have been limping along with webmail for well - ahem - over three years.

Today my Dad came and fixed it. Yeah for Dad!!

I am so excited. I can email again and save addresses and not scramble every time I need to send an email. It is amazing how we take for granted the simple things that computers do for us.

Anyhow, email me! Now. Then I'll have your email and I can build up my email address book.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where does the time go?

Honestly, this weekend just blew past in a wink. No idea why, but it did. When people ask what we have been up to I have no answer. Just this and that. No idea what to say and yet I feel like we have been running busy all week. Strange this.
I mostly wanted to post some pictures. I had a ton on both cameras here are a couple.

I'd write more but I'm really really tired. I blame it mostly on my wicked cousin, Andrea, who although here for work, spent most of her time trying to keep me up late talking - against my will of course. Sigh!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy wear green day

Not sure why the whole of North America feels obliged to celebrate St. Patrick's day, but...

I am happy to report that my son is wearing green today. I had no idea it was St. Patrick's day, but by some very happy coincidence I put Gavin in a green shirt today anyhow.

I didn't even realize I had done this until I got him to school, running a bit late, and saw a line of kindergarten students all dressed in green waiting by the door. I panicked and grabbed Gavin. As I did so a bit of green shirt peaked out from underneath his coat. WHEW!!!

I guess I do have the luck of the Irish.

Monday, March 15, 2010

If the plug is pulled tonight (hypothetical)

So if an electrical storm is to take out the Internet tonight...

My house will still be warm. You just won't get to hear about it.

My children will still grow. You just won't get to see the photos.

Events will still happen. I just won't be able to share them.

I never intended to blog. The blog was a bi-product. A way to get information out to the maximum number of people. Our journey as a family lead me to want to blog. Sharing this journey has kept me blogging.

Writing about our world has helped me recognize my blessings and see the importance of communicating with each other.

I love opening my life to you. I love that family and friends keep up with us and know what we are doing. I love that you are all interested in how fast our world is spinning.

My hand would break if I had to write to each of you individually. Besides, I'm great at writing letters just horrible at getting them to the mail box. I have cousin Marj's Christmas card sitting, stamp already applied, on the shelf by the front door. At this point I think I'll just hang on to it until next year - save some time.

I love that the odd stranger has wandered on to my blog and found it interesting. That strange connectedness that I can feel with people I have only met in cyberspace.

Do I feel less private. Not really, trust me I don't share the really private stuff. I like living in a glass house, with drapes. I can allow the world to see part of our world, but not all of it.

I've never been a discrete person. To know me is to pretty much have access to all my thoughts. The strange thing is that I am more restrained on this blog than I am in person. Gives me more refinement than I have on my own.

I love this blog and I'll be sad to loose it. It has been a relationship, maybe one sided at times, but not at others. The comments and emails that came when we most needed them buoyed us and carried us through some of our darkest days. You will never understand your kindness to us. By dropping a sentence or two in our comment box you have given us hope and support. Its also just knowing that you are out there, reading & caring.

I'll would miss the process of writing about our life and adventures. The thought, editing, weeding, reconsidering... it has helped me define myself and my family.

If the Internet were to crumble over night I'll still be here, but I'll miss talking to you.

"Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ‘10 Contest"

Sunday, March 14, 2010


That was my evil laugh, not my that's so funny I'm going to fall over laugh.

I am exhausted tonight and yet I feel like I could conquer the world. Why you ask? Because I have done so much this weekend.

I have become accustom to never getting anything done. Just dribs and drabs here and there in between kid calamities. But this weekend!!! Shoot, I did it all.

Got everything done I wanted to do, and that was a long list. We even had time for some unscheduled fun, like playing in Grandma's very muddy back yard, (followed by the intensive, cleaning up of all coats, pants and boots).

This feeling happens so rarely. I felt I should record it, so some day down the road when I feel helpless and defeated by the laundry or the list of to dos, I can return and read this and know that I can accomplish things. Just not all the time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few pictures

Took the camera out yesterday after school. We strolled it to the park and took a few snaps.

Kids had a blast.

While I'm sitting down here typing the kids are upstairs playing the piano and singing. Bronwyn has more of the words than I would expect her too (likely thanks to the Olympics). I think I just heard Gavin sing, "Our home and naked land." HAAAAA. Not at twenty below it ain't!

Mari is just belting it out too - NANANNAAAA!

Ah, kids.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand me downs

I have grown to love hand-me-downs. I have limited storage space here so I don't like too many but the bit I get I love. Here is why.

a. They help with finances.
b. They are on hand.
c. Often they are things I wouldn't have bought.

I must admit convenience is one of the biggest. Not having to go look for new shoes or new pants all the time. Like the other day Bronwyn decided her Dora runners were too small, they hurt her feet. I went and rummaged through a bag of shoes that Jolie had given her. I found a little pair of well loved runners.

I didn't know what Bronwyn would think of them, not being pink or Dora related. I brought them out and explained they who had given them to us and that they used to be Norahs.

When I put them on she said, "These are perfect. I love 'em."

She has gone on and on and on about how she loves her new shoes. So cute!

Sometimes just having something to grab that might work saves the day (oh and did I mention the budget!).

I promise to post picts soon.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Beautiful day in Banff

I spent a good chunk of today driving to Banff with my very special friend, Katherine. We drove up, talked a lot of course. Ate lunch, talk some more. And drove home, talking the whole way. I even occasionally let Katherine talk. How nice of me.

What a wonderful day. The mountains were amazing. Banff was beautiful and spring like. It did wonders for my soul.

It was wonderful to come home to my very sweet little family. My mother called shortly after I got home to remind me what a wonderful husband I have and how nice it was of him to watch the kids for me so I could gad about. Yes, Mom I know. He is pretty great! He was even cooking supper when I arrived. Doesn't get much better than that.

Nice day all around.

Everyone should drive to Banff in the spring! Absolutely everyone!