Friday, October 02, 2015

Last days of fall

Well, that sounds a bit dramatic but they did forcast snow for tomorrow. We went to fish creek park to wonder around on this beautiful Friday with our neighbor and her three beautiful kids. Great fun getting wet and throwing rocks.

Mini day trip

Last Friday the kids were off school, so we decided to drive to Kanaskis for the afternoon. I love Alberta in the fall. A drive in the mountains on a glorious fall day is just this side of heaven if you ask me.

I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful spot. Not everyone thinks Alberta is the embarrassing cousin that no one wants to talk about, ahem!! In fact, many of us are very proud of Alberta. Proud of our landscape, proud of our people and proud of the independent spirit that's make us who we are.

Don't go changing Alberta, no matter who this you should, your pretty damn good the way you are.

Enough soap box, now pictures of cute kids.