Friday, September 16, 2016

Pre-Summer Fun

We had all sort of fun this summer. Lots of pictures, but just no time to put them on the blog.

We visited Dinosaur provincial park and almost got carried away by mosquitoes. We visited Moose Jaw (we love Moose Jaw) and saw my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill for lunch and had dinner with a friend I used to work with. Janice has the most lovely family and we enjoyed that so much!!

We got down to see Wes' Aunts and Uncles (well most of them - sorry Sandra and Keith).

And we finished up our Saskatchewan tour with a camping trip in Cypress Hills. LOVED IT!!

The kids had art camp. We played with neighbors, we took excursions. And... we had a visit from our lovely little cousin Lilly and her mom Marcia.


A wonderful summer. We were sad it ended.

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