Friday, June 21, 2013

The waters are rising

It is hard to find words to describe the last few days in Calgary.

We live in a place that is cold in the winter, expensive to live in and has a really short, mosquito infested summer. But, there is an upside. We rarely get affected by natural disasters. Occasionally a bad hail storm or a real cold day here and there but nothing significant.

Until this week.

We are dry and safe, but if you were to drive on almost any road just 5 or 8 minutes north of us you would see water - everywhere. The pictures of the downtown look like Venice, a very muddy Venice.

It is quite surreal and more than a little scary.

Our concern at this point is for the people on the front lines of the flood. City employees who are working full speed to keep the rest of the city going. The police, army and other emergency crews who are evacuating and keeping the peace. And of course our many friends who have been evacuated some of whom will come home to great devastation.

I do realize it is all just stuff and yes, you are lucky to all be alive. But loss is still loss. It is still heartbreaking. And to sit by and watch this kind of thing happen and know that no one can do anything to stop it, is beyond frustrating.

So for now we wait, watch and pray.

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